How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

If you’ve ever tried to cancel a gym membership, you will know how frustrating the process can be. 

From hidden fees to convoluted policies, it often feels like the company is doing everything in its power to keep you locked into a contract. 

Fitness 19, a national chain of health clubs, is no exception. Many members have expressed their struggles with how to cancel Fitness 19 membership and the headaches involved.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership properly. 

By following the instructions laid out, you can avoid unnecessary fees, legal issues, and a world of hassle. 

Failing to cancel your membership the right way can have serious financial and legal consequences, so it’s crucial to do it correctly from the start.

Therefore, if you’re looking for straightforward instructions on how to cancel Fitness 19 membership, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ll cover the club’s cancellation policies, the preparation needed, the actual cancellation process for in-person, mail, and online methods, what to do after submitting your request, and pro tips for a smooth experience. Let’s dive in!

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership: Overview of Fitness 19 Cancellation Policy

Understanding Fitness 19’s cancellation policy is key to knowing how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership the proper way. 

According to their membership contract, there are specific requirements that must be followed.

The standard policy states that members can cancel by submitting a written notice, typically 30-60 days in advance of their annual renewal date. 

However, some locations enforce stricter policies requiring 45 or 90 days’ notice. Be sure to carefully review your membership agreement.

There are a few exceptions where special cancellation conditions may apply, such as:

  • Moving out of a certain radius from a Fitness 19 club location
  • Medical reasons/injuries with doctor’s documentation 
  • Military deployment with proof of orders

In these cases, you may be able to cancel without paying penalties. But again, check your contract.

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

If you cancel your membership early before the commitment period is up, you will likely face an early termination fee. 

This is typically equal to a few months’ worth of dues, though it can vary. Fitness 19 makes it very difficult to avoid these penalties for early cancellation outside of the few accepted reasons listed above.

Therefore, understanding Fitness 19’s cancellation policy is crucial for canceling your membership correctly based on the terms you agreed to. 

Being aware of the standard requirements, special conditions that may apply, and potential fees for early termination is step one.  

Preparation for Cancellation

Before starting the process to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, it’s important to do some preparation. 

Having the right information and documentation on hand will make things go much smoother.

First, locate your current membership agreement and review it thoroughly. 

Look for the specific instructions on how to submit cancellation – whether that’s by mail, in person at your home club, or possibly online. 

The agreement will detail the precise steps you need to take, so follow it exactly. It should also state the notice period required for cancellation.

Next, figure out which club you originally signed up at and got the membership through, as this is likely where you’ll need to send any cancellation requests or forms. 

Get the current mailing address for that specific location.

If your reason for canceling falls under one of the special circumstances like moving or a medical issue, gather any supporting documentation. 

For example, proof of your new residential address quite a distance away, or a doctor’s note explaining your medical situation and why you can no longer use the gym.

It’s also a good idea to calculate any remaining dues, fees or balance that you may owe upon cancellation based on your membership details. 

Call the club if needed to get an updated amount owed.

Having this cancellation information compiled in advance can really smooth out the rest of the process. 

You’ll know exactly what to include, where to send it, any acceptable reasons with proper documentation, and the potential costs remaining.

With your documents prepped, info gathered, and a game plan for how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership based on your membership terms, you’re ready to proceed to the next steps.  

Cancellation Process Step-by-Step

Now that you’ve done the prep work, here are the steps to actually execute the cancellation of your Fitness 19 membership. 

The specific process will depend on whether you cancel in person, by mail, or online.  

1. In-Person Cancellation

To cancel your Fitness 19 membership in person, you’ll need to visit the club location where you originally signed up and became a member. 

It’s best to go during staffed hours, as you’ll need to request and complete a cancellation form with an employee present.  

When you arrive, have your membership card/key tag and a valid photo ID ready. 

Let the front desk staff know you want to cancel your membership, and they’ll provide the necessary paperwork to fill out. 

Typically this is a PDF cancellation form where you may need to check a box or write a brief reason for canceling.

Once the form is complete, you’ll likely be asked to make any remaining payment for dues, fees or early termination charges that you owe per your membership agreement. 

Be sure to get a final statement showing your account is paid off and canceled.  

The in-person method can be efficient if there is a club location close by, as you can take care of everything in one visit when the staff is available to process your request.

2. Mail Cancellation 

If you prefer to cancel by mail, here are the steps for how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership that route. 

First, you’ll need to write a cancellation letter reiterating your intent to terminate your membership based on your agreement terms. 

In the letter, include your full name, home address, email address associated with the account, birthdate, and your membership ID or account number. 

State that you are submitting an official request to cancel per the terms laid out in your agreement.

Clearly list your reason for canceling – whether it’s moving, medical, military, or simply not renewing at the end of your commitment period. Attach any required supporting documentation.

Mail the letter by certified mail with a return receipt, so you have proof it was received. 

Send it to the mailing address of the specific club location where you signed up. Make copies of everything before sending.

Be sure to follow up by phone or email to confirm they received your letter and processed the cancellation request per policy after a reasonable period of time.  

The mail option avoids having to go into the club in person, but does require more documentation and follow up from your end.

3. Online Cancellation (if available)

Some Fitness 19 clubs also allow you to cancel your membership online nowadays through their member portal or website, which can be very convenient if offered. However, availability of this option seems to vary by location.

If online cancellation is permitted by your club, you’ll first need to log into your member account on their website. 

Then navigate to the section relating to cancellation requests, membership changes or similar. 

Follow the provided instructions for submitting a cancellation form virtually.  

You may still need to scan and upload supporting documents, proof of ID, and a membership agreement. 

Be sure to take screenshots of all confirmations in case there are any issues with the online process not being completed properly.

With any of these cancellation method options, be sure to keep copies of all documents and communication trail just in case any disputes arise later about if your request was properly submitted.

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Confirmation of Membership Cancellation

After you’ve completed the proper steps for how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, there are a few final housekeeping items to be aware of. 

First, your access to the club amenities and facilities will typically be terminated on a particular date depending on the notice period.

For example, if you submitted a cancellation request well in advance of your renewal date, you may still be able to use the gym for another 30-60 days until that period is up per your agreement. If you requested same-month cancellation, they will likely terminate access much sooner.

Be sure to follow any instructions on turning in keycards, fobs or other membership credentials by the cancellation effective date. This can sometimes incur an additional small fee if not returned.

It’s wise to continue checking your bank statements or payment methods for any additional charges from Fitness 19 in the months after your cancellation date. 

If you do get billed again erroneously, you’ll need to follow up directly with the club and may need to provide proof of your cancellation submission.

If you run into any issues where your membership is not being properly canceled, you can try reaching out to the regional corporate office or elevated customer service channels. Make sure to keep records of all your cancellation documents and requests.

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership: Tips and Advice

Here are some tips for how to best cancel your Fitness 19 membership without any issues:

First, follow the cancellation policy exactly as it’s laid out in your membership agreement. 

Don’t skip any steps or requirements, as this could lead to continued charges or other consequences. Give yourself enough lead time before any deadlines.

If you need to cancel by mail, use a trackable shipping service and request a return receipt, so you have proof of when it was received. Always get forms or requests for cancellation in writing from the club as well.

If canceling in person, don’t just mention it verbally to a staff member. Insist on completing the official cancellation paperwork and request a final statement showing a zero balance.  

Be very clear about your cancellation reason if it falls under a special circumstance like moving or medical. Provide documentation up front to avoid pushback or questioning.

If there is a remaining balance due for past-due payments or an early termination fee, you generally have two options. 

You can pay it in full to ensure proper cancellation. Or you can submit everything in writing stating your intent to cancel as of a particular date, and dispute any further charges.

Following up persistently but politely is also important if you run into any roadblocks with an uncooperative staff member or delays in processing your termination.

By being proactive, firm and having paperwork trails, you’ll minimize any ability for Fitness 19 to attempt to keep charging you or claiming an improper cancellation.


By following this comprehensive guide on how to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, you can wave goodbye to that recurring gym membership and any more headaches. 

We’ve covered all the crucial steps – from reviewing your contract and gathering documents, to actually executing the cancellation via the proper channels. 

The key takeaway is to follow Fitness 19’s cancellation policy to the letter based on the terms YOU agreed to. Failing to do so gives them loopholes to keep billing you. Remain vigilant, persistent, and maintain documentation trails.

While canceling a gym membership shouldn’t be this difficult, Fitness 19 makes it needlessly complicated. 

But armed with this knowledge, you can now go through the process confidently. No more surprise charges or persistent haranguing to cancel a membership you no longer want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much notice do I need to give to cancel my Fitness 19 membership?

This can vary based on your specific membership agreement, but Fitness 19 typically requires 30-60 days’ written notice prior to your annual renewal date in order to cancel without penalties. Some clubs may require 45 or even 90 days’ notice, so check your contract carefully.

2. Can I cancel my Fitness 19 membership online or over the phone?

In most cases, no – Fitness 19 requires cancellation requests to be submitted in writing either in person at your home club location or by mail. A few clubs may allow online cancellation through the website, but this is not a guaranteed option unless explicitly stated in your membership terms.

3. What if I need to cancel my membership early before my commitment period is up?

Early termination of your Fitness 19 membership agreement will likely result in a fee, usually equivalent to several months’ worth of dues. However, there are some exceptions like moving far away from a club location that may allow early cancellation without penalties if proven with documentation.

4. Do I need to return my membership card/key tag when canceling?

Yes, Fitness 19 will expect you to return any membership credentials like ID cards, key fobs, etc. when your cancellation is processed. There may be a small additional fee charged if these items are not returned by your termination date.

5. I followed the cancellation process but am still being charged – what do I do?

If Fitness 19 is not properly terminating your membership dues after you have correctly submitted cancellation per their policy, you will need to follow up repeatedly. Contact the club manager, corporate customer service, and be prepared to submit proof of your cancellation request. You can also dispute any further charges with your bank or credit card company.

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