Los Defensores Reviews | Is Los Defensores Legit or Scam?

Los Defensores reviews
Los Defensores reviews

LOS Defensores is a law firm that offers consumers access to qualified attorneys for car and bicycle accidents, accident walking, work accidents, falls in public places, and labour laws.

This firm has been in operation for years and has recorded numerous successes and achievements in the legal industry.

This is what baffles me…

Even with their significant achievements, a lot of clients still doubt and question their legality.

Now, as a review platform, we understand this is a major problem among users, customers, and clients. Generally, making informed decisions about where to invest your time and money can be challenging, which is why we’ve made an honest review of Los Defensores to help you make your choice.

Our Los Defensores reviews contain a comprehensive collection of reviews and complaints from real customers who have used Los Defensores’s products or services.

Whether you’re considering doing business with Los Defensores or you’ve already had an experience with them, our Los Defensores reviews will give you a valuable perspective on what to expect.

Key Takeaways

  • Los Defensores is a renowned law firm founded in 1984 by Mary Ann Walker.
  • The firm has a network of attorneys and lawyers across the nation.
  • Clients claim LOS Defensores is simply a non-sanctioned attorney referral service.

About Los Defensores

LOS Defensores, LLC is a law firm that offers consumers access to qualified attorneys in the areas of car and bicycle accidents, accident walking, work accidents, falls in public places, and labour laws. The Firm serves clients in the State of California.

Los Defensores was founded in 1984 by Mary Ann Walker. The company empowers the Hispanic community by providing access to legal resources in their language. 

The goal is to connect people with qualified attorneys in their network who are willing to help with personal injury, workplace accidents, and employment law cases.

The major aim of the company is to help the Hispanic Community in California. Los Defensores was born so that the Hispanic community in California has access to the legal help in Spanish that they deserve.

With over 200 linked lawyers across the nation, Los Defensores has a vast network of lawyers available to assist them. 

A few of their attorneys have won various awards for outstanding work. Since 1984, millions of people have come to rely on their network of attorneys.

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How Does Los Defensores Work with Clients?

Once a client calls in for any service, here is how Los Defensores operates:

You will speak with a real person when you call in.

You will get to speak to someone immediately after you call in. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will have guidance through the procedure. 

Their specialists will listen to your concerns, take down important data about your case, and get you in touch with an attorney who can take on your case in an average wait time of just ten seconds. 

In certain cases, you could receive a call within minutes from one of their pre-screened legal practices.

You Will Receive Direct Legal Advice from Los Defensores

Another interesting thing about Los Defensores company is that you get Free legal consultations unlike some company law firms. 

The advice you will get will be based on the specifics of your case and the laws in your area. Their knowledgeable attorneys will outline the appropriate course of action.

After going over any pertinent paperwork you may have, they will evaluate your case as a whole.

They also help you focus on the solutions that will work best for your circumstances and steer you toward the best possible result.

You’re Going to Level the Deck

In their lives, many employees might only make one or two complaints. However, companies might handle dozens of claims involving discrimination and harassment.

They may also rely on you being unaware of your rights because they will have outside legal companies fighting for them.

At any point during a complaint, their experienced Los Defensores attorneys can assist you by describing the best kind of evidence to support your claims, how to obtain it, and how to hold your firm responsible.

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Los Defensores Values

Los Defensores has core values that have kept it running:

Accessibility: Los Defensores believes that everyone should have equal access to competent legal counsel. For this reason, they offer Spanish-speaking phone or online customer care 365 days a year.

Simplicity: Their dedication lies in streamlining the process of locating a skilled legal practitioner. In order to accomplish this, they will make every effort to put clients in touch with attorneys who provide free first consultations and the necessary Spanish legal assistance.

Empowerment: They think that families should be strengthened so that people can confidently deal with their legal issues. Collectively, they aim to inspire everyone to take back control of their lives following an accident.

Protection: In a secure setting, our attorneys defend the rights of the Latino community. They pledge to use every effort to ensure that individuals obtain the support and safety they are entitled to, ensuring their own and their loved ones’ well-being.

Connection: Once you become a part of their community, they view you as a member of their family. Their goal is to provide you with a sense of worth, encouragement, and comprehension. Just like they would for their loved ones, they will put your interests first.

What are the Legal Areas Los Defensores Covers?

Los Defensores covers a lot of legal areas. Let’s take a brief look at some of the areas:

Lawyers for Workplace Accidents

Have you suffered an injury at work? If so, you might be entitled to remuneration as an employee. 

Numerous factors can contribute to work accidents, including hazardous working conditions, worn-out safety gear, and employer irresponsibility. 

They also frequently result in significant emotional stress in addition to their physical effects.

Anywhere, including workplaces, enterprises, schools, hospitals, and construction sites, might experience work-related illnesses and injuries. Speak with a lawyer right away if you were hurt in an accident at work. 

You can find out if you can file a lawsuit to get the money you deserve or if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits by speaking with an attorney.

Los Defensores, a vast network of work accident attorneys, provides free initial consultations. 

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Los Defensores team frequently visits areas that might have slick walkways, uneven floors, or broken staircases. These kinds of hazards can suddenly appear in restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. And it’s possible that you’ve joined the other Americans who have fallen, slipped, and trip victims.

In addition to the possibility of injuries, these kinds of mishaps can result in significant damage and incapacitating injuries that have long-term effects on the family, including medical costs, lost wages, and permanent consequences. 

However, what happens if another person or entity’s carelessness or negligence causes your accident? If so, you might be qualified to receive compensation.

Refrain fromlaiming this kind of injury if you are thinking about doing so. You can get assistance from the slip-and-fall lawyers in our network. 

Give us a call or fill out this form to arrange a complimentary legal consultation. A lawyer can assess if you have a case and outline your available legal alternatives.

Labor Law Lawyer

You should be treated with dignity and respect at work, and the environment should be safe. But the actual world might be extremely different, and you could have to deal with unfair working conditions like pay theft and sexual harassment in addition to discrimination.

These circumstances can adversely affect your and your family’s well-being and create a poisonous, frightening, and unfriendly work environment. If your rights as an employee are being violated, you need the assistance of experts who are knowledgeable about both federal and state labour laws.

The large network of labour law attorneys at Los Defensores is ready to provide you with a private, no-obligation consultation. Reach out to us right now. 

How Much Does Los Defensores Lawyer’s Cost?

Los Defensor lawyers’ cost varies. The cost is dependent on your local jurisdiction and case. Before you make payment, you will be guided on the necessary steps required.  Normally, the consultation fee is free. 

After you have made the payment, your documentation will be reviewed, and you will receive an assessment of your overall case. They can also narrow down the best options for your situation and guide you towards the most successful possible outcome.   

How To Contact Los Defensores

To contact Los Defensores, visit: 

  • 20101 Hamilton Ave.
  • Suite 375 Torrance, CA 90502
  • hola@losdefensores.com
  • 877-461-6083

What steps can I take to make sure my claim is successful?

As a client who wants to make his or her claim successful, follow these steps:

Review company policies and procedures.

Review your company policies to see if any specific behaviors have been outlined in the document. Take note of expected steps on the part of the company when a complaint is filed.   

Start a log

  • Write out a detailed chronology of events that include:   
  • Date, time and location of the harassment   
  • Names of any witnesses to the harassment (along with contact information)  
  • What occurred during the harassment (specific details about what was said/done)  
  • Anyone who spoke to you about the harassment and when  
  • Actions taken by management  

Collect supporting documentation

Evidence comes in two forms: documentary or testimonial. Be sure to include emails, memos, audio-video recordings, medical records and police reports (if harmed). Preserve every text message, email, and social media chat. If relying on eyewitness testimony, make notes of what occurred and try to stick to the facts. 

File a complaint with your supervisor or HR in writing

It is critical to any future litigation against your employer that they were aware of the incident(s) and that you have written documentation where possible. If your employer fails to treat your complaint seriously, investigate or take corrective action, as they may be on the hook.

Once an investigation is underway, take note of who conducted the interviews and any updates you receive. If your employer has tainted the investigation in any way, an attorney can obtain copies of these reports.

They will also advocate on your behalf to identify biases, challenge findings, and hold your employer accountable.   

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File a complaint with the State or EEOC

In certain states, an employee must first file a charge with their state or the federal government. If you have already made a complaint, be sure to share this information with your attorney.

Los Defensores Reviews from Honest Clients

Fast and good customer service overall. -KENIA

The first receptionist was good and took down my information but then she passed me on to. She was a different woman, and she flat-out said her firm would not be taking the case. When I asked why her reply was it doesn’t matter the explanation. We will not be taking your case. -CARLOS

I can’t believe your response to my case. I lost my car, and days of work, I have to pay for deductible, paid doctor evaluation, etc. But if I don’t have major injuries, you can’t represent me when I’m a victim of a felony because the accident was hit and run. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING. -AGUSTIN

Great experience! Treat their clients with respect!!!!😀- Herbert Rivas

Had a car accident with a red light driver, and they couldn’t represent me. My excuse was that I should have yielded even if that driver ran a red light. Basically my fault for getting on that driver’s way. ?? The first time, I was disappointed. Went with Micheal D. Waks personally instead. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a strong case where they can make their money off. -IVAN

They are very good at what they do, and they are the best for every situation. -Edith

I just called Los Defensores and was given a consultation only to speak with a receptionist (not an attorney). The receptionist declined my case and I was not given another chance. According to management, you only get 1 chance to seek legal help from them, which is why I’m giving a low rating. -Paul

Do not hire this lawyer. Their communication could be better. I only spoke with a lawyer once. Just for him to tell me I didn’t have a case and learned many months later, that I did have a case. I think the lawyers there don’t have much interest in their clients, and they are there just for the money. They did nothing for me other than collect a big portion of my money. Also, in the end, it took them forever to send me my check by “regular mail”. It’s my fault for not going back to my previous attorney. I just wanted to give them a chance because they also speak Spanish but I regretted now. The only good thing they did was to find me a great chiropractor for my treatment. -Fran Carranza

I had a car accident, and they said they were going to pay my medical bills and never did. The car that hit me gave me money, but I never saw it because they used it all up. I do not recommend it at all. This does not deserve 1 star. It deserves 0 -Vale & Ren.

I had a case with them. I was very disappointed with them; every time I called, they put me on hold for a long time and, most of the time, transferred me to another line and hung up. They left messages and have yet to return my calls. Will never use them again or recommend them. -Fermin

My call was transferred to an office. I explained my problem to the person on the other side of the phone, but all she said was we can’t help and hung up without an explanation very rude. —JOS

When I called their office, they were quickly able to give me the information I needed! I recently had an operation done, and I couldn’t leave the house, so they came all the way from San Francisco to meet with me at my home. They gave useful Information and were very honest. Hugo Hernandez


Los Defensores is a respectable and reliable service provider based on the evaluations and testimonies acquired from multiple sources. Their credibility is strongly indicated by the overwhelmingly favourable feedback they have received on their professionalism, efficiency, and efficacy in addressing legal cases.

Although a few unfavourable incidents may have been documented, the consensus points to Los Defensores as dependable and trustworthy. Before making a choice, it is advised that those in need of legal assistance take into account Los Defensores’ extremely positive reputation.



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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