ResetSmile Reviews | How Does It Work, Features, Pros And Cons

ResetSmile reviews
ResetSmile reviews

ResetSmile Reviews: Have you ever held back your smiles because you have missing teeth? It can be disappointing and embarrassing, especially in the midst of your friends. Imagine everyone is laughing and smiling, and you are not. 

Not because you didn’t want to, but because of the shame of people staring at you when you laugh. Most times, you feel you are ugly and might even find it difficult to speak well. 

ResetSmile can be of great help. It is a quality dentist-approved implant device that can help you smile confidently and eat better. One good thing about it is that it’s a non-metal denture and doesn’t require dental implant surgery. Also, it is flexible and removable. 

In our ResetSmile reviews, we have provided detailed information about ResetSmile, how it works, its features, and its pros and cons. We have also compiled ResetSmile reviews from people who have used it before. This will help you know if ResetSmile is worth it or not.

resetSmile Reviews | What is ResetSmile?

ResetSmile is a flexible and removable dental implant device for replacing missing teeth. With advanced custom manufacturing technology, you can get a dentist-approved partial denture shipped directly to you at home for a fraction of the cost.

Using their 3D software, they create each item specifically for your particular dental structure. Your gadget is made to flex and snap onto the tooth or teeth that remain in front of the missing teeth if none are left behind.

Who Owns ResetSmile Product?

ResetSmile is owned by Reset Corporation Company. Reset Technology Corporation is a privately held medical device business that aims to provide the 140 million Americans who were left behind by earlier solutions to experience the repercussions of tooth loss with widespread access to the fundamental dignity of a self-assured smile for the rest of their lives.

They are dedicated to helping people regain their smiles by offering a straightforward, more cost-effective, dentist-approved, and genuinely dentist-quality alternative to dental office visits. 

Their product is created entirely in the United States of America in New Jersey and Texas facilities, which comply with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. They use cutting-edge, unique manufacturing technologies.

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Who is ResetSmile for?

ResetSmile is designed for individuals with one or more missing upper or lower jaw teeth, but not all of them, and who have healthy teeth next to the missing teeth. 

Deterioration, trauma, wear and tear, and birth defects account for many missing tooth cases.

How Does ResetSmile Work?

ReserSmile dental implant device works as easily as anything and is very effective.

Step 1:

Start by ordering your At-home Impression kit online via email. This kit contains the trays, putty, and instructions to create impressions of your upper and lower teeth. You can make the order anytime and anywhere, if you can wait a few days for it to arrive. Note that your kit won’t come immediately after you make your order. 

Step 2:

Once your kit arrives, please take a picture of it and send it back using the email you used to make your order. Use the easy-to-follow instructions and pre-paid postage return pouch provided. Photos help the device match your tooth shade.

Step 3:

Get your new smile by mail. Snap in and smile more! ResetSmile is designed to get your mail approved by their partner dentist behind the scenes and ship it to you within 2 weeks. You start smiling more confidently and eating normally again.

Upon receiving your kit back, we will digitally create your ResetSmile device by creating a 3D scan of your teeth based on a board-certified dentist’s recommended course of treatment. 

After we accept your imprint, we will manufacture and deliver your ResetSmile device to your home in one to two weeks.

Pros of ResetSmile

ResetSmile has many advantages, which form the primary reasons people opt for it. Let’s look at some of the benefits. 

  • With ResetSmile, you can chew food easily. Even though it’s a dental device, it can still improve your chewing ability.
  • Dentist-approved devices shipped directly to your home
  • Apart from chewing well, you can also speak more clearly if wearing any. 
  • It is removable and comfortable
  • You don’t need metal dentures or surgery to install ResetSmile. 
  • With ResetSmile, you can smile naturally with confidence, making you feel shy and uncomfortable.
  • No one can tell you’re wearing it
  • More affordable – the same devices sold by dentists for a fraction of the cost
  • It’s flexible & durable
  • Non-invasive, no surgical implants
  • Better fit through advanced technology

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Does ResetSmile Have Cons?

Yes, it does. Even with ResetSmile’s numerous advantages, there are still some drawbacks people are uncomfortable with. 

First, if you decide to get a denture, you must be willing to maintain it. Dentures generally need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and you will need to use specific cleaning solutions daily to prevent infections and bad breath.

Another possible drawback is that dentures do not initially feel natural in your mouth. It could take some getting used to talking or eating comfortably with them.

Even though the durability and lifespan of modern dental technology have improved significantly in recent years, all tooth replacements eventually wear out and need to be replaced every few years depending on some factors, including general health habits like smoking or binge drinking, which could significantly shorten their life span.

reset smile prices | How Much Does ResetSmile Cost?

Due to the nature of our cutting-edge 3D printing technology, ResetSmile is custom-made and priced per “arch” of teeth (your top teeth make up your higher arch, your bottom teeth your lower arch). 

Thus, the cost of an upper device with one tooth or a bottom device with multiple teeth would be the same. ResetSmile costs about $679 for the top or bottom and $875 for both with low monthly payment plans. 

However, you can save $132 if you make an upfront payment of $599 for either the top or bottom teeth.

If you make an upfront payment for both, you will pay $799 instead of $875. 

A one-arch partial denture, or a Valplast partial, costs between $1259 and $1824, depending on your location and the dentist you visited. 

Then, if you want appliances for your upper and lower teeth, the cost is about $3000 or $2500. 

Honest ResetSmile Reviews from Users

I am delighted with my new reset smile set! It fit perfectly on the first delivery, and I recommend it to anybody needing to replace missing teeth. I have my smile back; thank you! 😁-Chakira Q. Johnson

The ordering and receiving process was good. However, I have problems with my lower partial device rubbing my gum causing pain and redness. I cannot wear it and have been trying to contact someone on your support site and phone for 5 days. Nothing. My upper device is fine but I’m very disappointed with my lower. This should have been responded to within at least a few days. -Cynthia

This company needs to respond faster. I had to send multiple emails/messages about a refund on my credit card being charged, even after the cancellation of the order, and I am still waiting for a final response. I have talked with my credit card company to dispute charges. Be very wary out there! -Tracy

First off, the seven questions didn’t cover everything that was concerned about. I have a partial on my upper teeth. I believe three teeth on the left and two on the right the anchor broke, so I want to replace the entire partial, but it doesn’t give you that choice, so it’s not gonna work out if I get a partial with one tooth. I can’t wear to partials at one time I need to speak to an actual person in this company. -Brenda Melendez

Resetsmile is an investment worth it, in our opinion. And the best part is you’re not spending 2-3 grand at a dental office for the same product..I ordered this as a surprise for my fiancé and her partial arrived just in time before our wedding; the only issue we had was the shade was slightly off; we sent an email with photos, and our complaint was handled and solved the same day— less than a week later the issue was fixed and delivered at no extra cost!!!! So if you’re on the fence, take a chance, and you won’t be disappointed! Signed a delighted and newlywed couple. -Ruiz

I found the process to be pretty straightforward. It was hard to get someone on the phone a couple of times. I just chalked it up to them being busy. My first impressions weren’t accepted no biggie, you get plenty for another impression.

My upper and lower teeth arrived yesterday, and I am so happy. My wife says they look great, and I feel confident. Odd feeling at first, but it’s day two, and I forget they’re in. – Joseph Johnson

I was missing two lower back teeth and purchased my device about a year ago. I was skeptical that it would work but I figured it was worth a try as I didn’t want to invest in false teeth from my dentist that involved wires and clips. It needed some adjusting, so I contacted customer support, and they got back to me promptly and sent an adjustment kit. It took a few times but once I got it right, it fit great for the teeth I was missing. For me, it turned out to be an excellent investment. I have been delighted with the device and will continue to refer them to friends and family. -David F.

resetSmile Reviews FAQs

Does my dental insurance cover the ResetSmile system?

Currently, no.

Does ResetSmile work with broken teeth?

They can replace the missing teeth. For broken teeth, it depends on how far down they are, how much space exists to build a stable device in the gap caused by the broken teeth, and whether they are healthy and our reviewing Dentist approves it.

Do you make complete dentures / an entire arch of teeth?

Unfortunately, no. ResetSmile is appropriate for those missing some but not all of their teeth because each custom-made device is made of flexible material that grips onto the remaining teeth along the gumline to snap into place securely.


ResetSmile presents a viable option for people looking to straighten their teeth at home. Its user-friendly interface and adaptable features enable people to take charge of their oral health effortlessly. The advantages outweigh the downsides, including the possibility of discomfort during early usage and the requirement for regular maintenance. 

Considering every facet of its functioning and user experience, ResetSmile emerges as a competitive alternative for getting a whiter smile without paying a fortune for cosmetic procedures. 



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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