advanta tires reviews | Models and Uses

Advanta tires reviews
Advanta tires reviews

Advanta Tires offers premium goods at reasonable costs and a comprehensive selection of tires for automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

Advanta uses modern technology to create tires with the best traction, stability, and longevity possible, performing admirably under all circumstances.

They are ideal if you’re searching for a high-quality tire that will withstand nearly everything you throw at it at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Our Advanta Tires reviews cover everything you need to know about Advanta tires, the different categories of tires this brand produces, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanta uses modern technology to create tires with the best traction, stability, and longevity possible, performing admirably under all circumstances.
  • One thing people don’t like about Advanta tires is that some of their models are noisy.
  • Advanta brand produces tires for automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.

About Advanta tires

Advanta Tires is a brand of tires owned by American Pacific Industries (API). This industry was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been largely focused on producing capable off-road tires for SUVs and trucks.

Advanta is a full-range tire brand that provides reasonably priced, high-quality tires. Modern technology is used in tire design to provide longevity, traction, and stability. 

These Advanta tires are comfortable and quiet. They never compromise their standards, regardless of the conditions or surface.

Advanta offers tyres for SUVs and light—and medium-duty vehicles. The brand’s inventory includes all-terrain, all-season touring, and high-performance tires.

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Why Should You Choose Advanta Tires?

Advanta tyres have significant advantages, which give them an edge over other brands. They are high quality and perform outstandingly on wet and dry pavements.

They are also economical and less expensive than other brands. Furthermore, they are quiet and exceptionally comfortable to ride.

Avanta Tire Categories

Advanta produces tough commercial truck tires and all-season tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

After you’ve selected the brand and style, the next crucial decision is to determine the anticipated lifespan of the tire. Finding the treadwear rating of the tire you are interested in will help you do this.

The manufacturer assigns a tire’s treadwear rating by the unique tire quality guidelines (UTQG) set down and overseen by the United States Department of Transportation.

That figure corresponds precisely to a tire’s anticipated lifespan. In other words, a tire’s anticipated lifespan under typical driving circumstances increases with its treadwear grade.

Passengers Cars

Advanta tires for passenger cars are quite good. They fulfil every desire you might have.

With their high-angle tread blocks and symmetrical tread pattern, these tires offer improved high-speed cornering and stability and more grip in any weather.

There is a 45,000–60,000 mile treadwear warranty on their tires. Our analysis indicates that Advanta manufactures two types of passenger car tests:

  • ER-700
  • TRG-750

Economy Radial Tire (ER-700)

During our research, my team discovered that ER-700 has a symmetrical tread design. This design increases traction in light, wet, and dry snow conditions and enhances tread wear, stability, and online steering feel.

Its symmetrical tire design and high-angle tread blocks increase the contact patch and improve stability and high-speed cornering.


Then, there is TRG-750. TRG-750 is compatible with broad-line sedans, coupes, compact cars, and vans with speed-rated sizes for today’s common vehicle fitments. The advantaged design ensures optimal performance in all weather conditions. 

Its full-depth siping provides long-lasting wet and snow traction, and it is precisely built for even wear and long tread life. The treadwear warranty is then T-rated for 60,000 miles, and H/V rated for 50,000 miles, respectively. Click here to learn more about Passenger Car Advanta tires.

High Performance

Apart from Passenger Cars, Advanta also provides High-Performance Car Tires. These tires offer a smooth and remarkable ride in any driving condition, supported by M&S ratings.

This affordable option offers exceptional riding control because of its stability-enhancing tread pattern. The treadwear warranty for High-Performance Car Tires is limited to 40,000 miles.

  • HPZ-01
  • HPZ+01
  • HPZ-02


Large contact patch and noise-treated tread design for a remarkably quiet ride in a tread meant for stability.

M&S is also rated for all driving situations and all-season construction. It also performs superbly in all weather conditions, both in the rain and on dry land.


Thanks to its engineering, driving on the Advanta HPZ-02 All Season performance tire is quiet, smooth, and long-lasting.

50K warranty with limited mileage. Their asymmetrical shape provides the best possible performance on dry and wet roads.

With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 100% free replacement warranty.

For an extraordinarily quiet and smooth ride, the compound has been noise-treated, and M&S rated.

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SUV and Light Truck Tires

Tires designed for light trucks and SUVs are made to operate as well as possible under any circumstances.

Light Truck Highway Terrain Tires are made to haul and carry the biggest loads but never compromise on a smooth, quiet ride.

All-terrain light Truck Tires have an aggressive open-shoulder design that promotes stability and traction for superior performance in all-weather situations.

Because of their robust steel belted design, their SUV Tires offer remarkable stability, longevity, and long tread life.

Additionally, their Mud Terrain tires deliver maximum traction when and where it’s most needed, making them as aggressive as possible.

  • HTR-800
  • SVT-01
  • ATX-750

To learn more about Light Truck and SUV models, click here.

Advanta Commercial Car Tires

With the newest technological advancements in mind, their Drive Position Commercial Truck Tires are designed to deliver optimal performance, economical operation, and long-lasting durability for every ride. 

Modern sidewall profile and four steel belt package encourage improved wear consistency, handling, and stability. Thus, they promise a comfortable ride every time.

  • AV7000L AV9000D
  • AV9200D
  • AV9500D
  • AV750DT AV758AW

Modern technology is used to design commercial truck tires to provide superior performance. They include a four-steel belt package and an advanced sidewall profile for even contact pressure on roadways.

A good thing about these Advanta Commercial truck tyres is that they are inexpensive to operate and have almost little vibration.

The most recent technological developments are used to formulate tread compounds to guarantee optimal performance and longevity for each performance.

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Steer Commercial Truck Tires

Their Position at the Steer Commercial truck tires have a long lifespan and provide superior handling. 

These tires come in various sizes and are made explicitly for steer axle applications and all-position use.

  • AV5000S
  • AV2000S

Advanta Business Truck


  • Four steel belts on the tread face and a cap/base structure improve the casing’s lifespan, allowing for many retreads and reduced operating expenses.
  • A modern sidewall profile with a four-steel belt package equalises contact pressure with the road surface for improved handling, stability, and wear.
  • Broader, five-rib tread pattern for enhanced handling and stability.
  • Steel belts provide durability, stability, and consistent wear over time.
  • Formulating tread compounds using the most recent technological developments guarantees optimal performance and longevity in each application.
  • Uses a two-compound filler in the bead contour to enable a more precise, concentric mounting technique that increases overall uniformity and almost completely removes vibration issues in all applications.
  • The steel belt package’s unique wire wrap construction results in a wider footprint and reduced total tread movement, enhancing stability, toughness, and long-lasting performance.

Where Can I Get Advanta Tires?

To get Advanta tires, you can even visit their official website. You can also get from Walmarts or Utires. Note, the prices differs depending on the model and place you want to buy from.

So, whichever place you decide to buy from, compare prices first to ascertain the most affordable one.

What Do People Like About Advanta Tires?

Even with Advanta tires’ numerous advantages, some people still complain about some of their models. One thing people don’t like about Advanta tires is that some of their models are noisy.

The company is not well known because it doesn’t offer a wide variety, and the customer service is not quite good.

Advanta Tires Reviews from Users

I recently bought a used car with Advanta brand tires. According to the dealership I bought it from, they still have better than 50% treadwear. So, I’m agonizing over whether or not I should replace these since the brands I want are quite expensive. I know they’re from China, and I don’t trust them further than I can throw them. I’m just curious: does anyone here have any experience with this brand, positive or negative? Would any of you be crazy enough to change a tyre that isn’t urgently needed for something better and probably safer, even if it strains your budget?

The front tires both developed a ply separation on the inside area of the tread, which required replacement. I installed er 700 Advanta they are quiet, but the two HPZ-01 left on the car are still objectionably noisy and I had to change them even though they had a lot of tread rubber left. These are the worst tires I have ever owned. -Mike

I am so very happy to do business with simple tires; their salesman was very excellent and helped me with what I needed; they received my tyres a day early and also responded to me to see if I had received them. I will highlight and recommend Simple tyres. -Rob Williams

Great Tire for the price.. Excellent handling and performance…Adolf


What Kind of Quality Does Advanta tires is?

Advanta Tires produces high-quality tires at a reasonable cost. Advanta uses modern technology to provide long-lasting, competitively priced tires with some of the most well-known brands. Advanta tires are a wise choice for any vehicle, whether an SUV, truck, or sedan.

Advanta tires are made by who? Advanta tires are manufactured where?

American Pacific Industries (API) owns the Advanta Tires tire brand. Since its founding in Scottsdale, Arizona, API has concentrated on manufacturing tough off-road tires for trucks and SUVs. The primary API factories are in the USA, China, and India, although the company has multiple locations worldwide.

Advanta tires are sold by whom?

Tire Agent sells Advanta tires online. To purchase Advanta tires, peruse our inventory and put the tire of your choice into your shopping basket. Once you check out, your tires will be dispatched directly to you or the installer of your choosing in two days or less.

How does the tire warranty for Advanta operate?

Advanta guarantees all its tires for thirty days, claiming to be “satisfaction assured.” If a consumer is not entirely pleased with a tire and the tread is less than 2/32s of an inch worn, they can return any tire for a full refund or replacement. Find out more about the tire warranty for Argus Advanta.


Customers have given mainly Advanta tires positive evaluations because they value its overall performance, grip, and durability. As many consumers have noted, when compared to other tire brands on the market, Advanta tires offer exceptional value for the money.

Though there can be a few minor grievances like tread wear or noise levels, most reviews show the product is satisfactory. Advanta tires are a dependable choice for motorists searching for high-quality tires at a reasonable cost.



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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