Plantur 39 Reviews: Is It legit and Does It Work for Hair Growth?

Plantur 39 Reviews

Seeking beautiful hair and a healthier scalp, many individuals have turned to Plantur 39 in search of solutions.

This popular hair care brand targets women over 40, offering a promise of hope for those struggling with hair loss. Amidst the multitude of products promising miraculous results, the question arises: Can Plantur 39 deliver on its claims and actually stimulate hair growth?

In this Plantur 39 review, I aim to uncover the truth behind its bold promises by providing a truthful review of its effectiveness.

From caffeine-infused shampoos to conditioners and tonics, I carefully analyzed each component.

Sorting through countless reviews – both positive and negative – I aim to provide an honest review of what Plantur 39 truly delivers.

Does it live up to its claims as a solution for aging hair problems, or is it all just clever marketing?

So, if you want to find out if Plantur 39 is legit, then read this article to the end.

Plantur 39 Reviews: What is Plantur 39?

Plantur 39 is a specialized hair care line made for women over 40.

It’s made to combat hair loss and thinning that often happens due to hormonal changes during menopause or low estrogen.

The products in the line – shampoos, tonics, and more – have a unique Phyto-Caffeine Complex with caffeine, zinc, niacin, and plant-based ingredients like genistein and phytoflavones.

These ingredients work to invigorate hair, calm the scalp, and enhance hair’s look by boosting natural growth and addressing deficiencies from low estrogen.

Plantur 39 products contain caffeine that is specially created to reach the scalp and hair follicles directly, making it more efficient than consuming caffeine in beverages such as coffee.

When caffeine is ingested, only a small portion actually makes its way to the scalp and hair roots through digestion.

These products are meant to be used every day, and some users may notice increased hair loss in the beginning stages of usage.

This is a temporary phase known as “shedding” that happens as the hair growth cycles restart.

Here are some of the specific Plantur 39 product lines:

Plantur 39 Green

Plantur 39 Reviews

This is the classic Plantur 39 line, designed to help with hair loss in women over forty.

Plantur 39 Hyaluron

Plantur 39 Reviews

This line is designed to alleviate dry and itchy scalps.

Plantur 39 Colour

Plantur 39 Reviews

This line is designed for colored hair and helps to maintain hair color while also addressing hair loss.

How Beneficial is Plantur 39?

Plantur 39 is considered beneficial for women over 40 who are experiencing hair thinning or loss due to hormonal changes associated with menopause.

The key benefits reported by users and highlighted by the brand include:

Phyto-Caffeine Complex

This is the core of Plantur 39’s formula, which includes caffeine, zinc, niacin, and phytoflavonoids.

The caffeine is believed to protect hair roots from the weakening effects of hormones by providing a boost to the hair follicles.

DHT Blockers

The products contain ingredients that act as DHT blockers.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone linked to hair loss, and blocking its effects can help prevent hair thinning.

Nourishment for Aging Hair

Plantur 39 products are tailored to meet the needs of aging hair, providing nourishment and aiming to maintain hair health over the long term.

Ease of Use

The tonic, for example, offers a simple and fast application with a dosing tip and can be combined with other styling and care products without weighing down the hair or leaving it greasy.

Features of Plantur 39

Plantur 39 is a line of hair care products specifically designed for women experiencing hair thinning due to menopause or hormonal changes.

The key features of Plantur 39 include:

1. Phyto-Caffeine Complex

This complex is designed to maintain the growth of natural hair and is found in Plantur 39 Shampoo for Fine & Brittle Hair and Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair.

It is formulated with caffeine, zinc, and niacin, which energize hair, soothe the scalp, and give hair a fuller look.

2. White Tea Extract

This extract is derived from the camellia sinensis plant and is known for its nourishing and anti-aging properties.

It is found in Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair.

3. Provitamin B5

This vitamin improves hair texture, making strands soft and smooth.

It is found in Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair.

4. Soybean Extract

This extract improves moisture retention and shine.

It is found in Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair.

5. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

This ingredient strengthens and nourishes the roots.

It is found in Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair and Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Hair Care Set for Stressed Hair.

6. Zinc PCA and Niacinamide

These ingredients strengthen hair growth. They are found in Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair and Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Hair Care Set for Stressed Hair.

7. Genistein

This soybean plant extract counteracts women’s menopausal problems, such as skin aging and improves the antiandrogenic protective functions in the hair roots.

It is found in Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Tonic.

Plantur 39 products are designed to be used as part of a hair care routine and are safe for all hair types, including coloured and stressed hair.

They are vegan and not tested on animals, and regular use may result in hair appearing fuller and thicker.

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Plantur 39 Reviews: How Does Plantur 39 Work?

Plantur 39 works by targeting the hair follicles with its active ingredients to combat hair loss associated with hormonal changes in women over 40.

Here’s how it works:

Phyto-Caffeine Complex

The primary active ingredient in Plantur 39 products is caffeine, which is known to energize hair follicles and protect them from the weakening effects of hormones like testosterone.

This caffeine comes from phytoflavones from the white tea plant and gets to work during hair washing, penetrating right into the hair follicle within just 2 minutes

Protection Against Hormonal Changes

Before menopause, female hormones like estrogen protect hair roots.

After menopause, estrogen levels decline, and the impact of male hormones, particularly testosterone, increases.

This can lead to hair growing thinner and falling out prematurely. Plantur 39’s formula helps the scalp protect itself from these consequences

Blocking DHT

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a byproduct of testosterone and is responsible for much of the hair loss in both men and women.

Plantur 39 contains ingredients that help block DHT, preventing hair thinning.

Conditioning and Protection

The products also contain natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5, which condition, repair, and protect colored and stressed hair.

The damaged hair structure is smoothed, and the hair is provided with intensive shine.

When you consistently use Plantur 39, the goal is to offer up to 24-hours protection at the hair’s roots, promoting stronger hair growth and minimizing the chances of hair loss from hormonal imbalances.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Plantur 39?

Plantur 39, like any hair care product, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons based on user reviews and product features:


DHT Blockers: Plantur 39 contains ingredients that help block DHT, a hormone associated with hair loss, which can be particularly beneficial during and after menopause.

Phyto-Caffeine Complex: The caffeine complex is designed to energize hair follicles and protect them from hormonal hair loss.

Tailored for Aging Hair: The products are specifically formulated for the needs of hair affected by hormonal changes during menopause.

Variety of Hair Care Options: Plantur 39 offers shampoos, conditioners, and tonics to suit different hair types and concerns.

Natural Ingredients: The use of natural ingredients like white tea and caffeine aims to boost hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp.

Ease of Use: The products are designed for easy integration into a daily hair care routine.


Individual Results May Vary: Not all users experience the desired effects, and some may find the products less effective than expected.

Potential for Dryness: Some users have reported that their hair became dull, dry, or unmanageable after using Plantur 39 products.

Not a Hair Growth Product: It’s important to note that Plantur 39 is not marketed as a hair growth product but rather as a hair protection product. It aims to prevent hair loss rather than regrow hair.

When thinking about using Plantur 39, it’s important to compare the pros and cons based on your own hair care requirements and preferences.

Speaking with a doctor can offer personalized advice for your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind that what may be effective for one person may not necessarily work for someone else, so it’s a matter of finding the perfect product for you.

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Plantur 39 Cost: How Much Is Plantur 39?

The cost of Plantur 39 products can vary depending on the specific item and where you purchase it.

Here are some examples of prices for Plantur 39 products:

  • Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo (8.45 Fl Oz): Approximately $17.47.
  • Phyto-Caffeine Conditioner (5.07 Fl Oz): Often sold in a bundle with the shampoo, but individually it can be around $12.64.
  • Conditioner for Colour-Treated & Stressed Hair (150ml): Around £37.30.
  • Shampoo for Fine & Brittle Hair (250ml): Approximately £10.49.

On the Plantur 39 website, the Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Fine, Brittle Hair, the Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Colored, Stressed Hair, and the Color Brown Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo are all priced at $18.45.

When considering shipping charges, Plantur 39 products are 21% cheaper on Walmart and Amazon than on the brand’s official website for single orders.

Plantur 39 Reviews From Users: Real Customer Feedback

Plantur 39 has gotten various user reviews including positive and negative reviews from various sources online.

However here are some user reviews from Amazon.

Finally something works!!!!

“I knew my hormones were out of control and it was affecting my hair, but nothing ever worked. UNTIL THIS! I’m thanking the heavens for this formula!!! Just one use (and believe me, I’m skeptical) and I can feel my real hair again and it feels so good! And it’s nourished! And finally there is no static, which was my biggest problem along with complete thinning and receeding. I can’t wait to see what continued use does. My poor hair and scalp have been struggling for a couple years now… Thank you, German Doctor Wolff! (I think that was the name)”- The Maxed Out Guy

It seems to work

“I’ve tried this shampoo for a month. My hair does seem to shed less. It also looks better. The only problem I have is that it dries my skin out. The directions suggest washing every day with it. I don’t wash my hair everyday with it. I wash it ever other day so it doesn’t dry out my skin. Other than that I plan on buying another bottle”- Shannon.

Dried out hair

“Hair feels really dry after just one wash. It tangles your hair. I normally don’t have that issue”- Jasmin Walter.

Product works; however there is an issue!!

“What I do not like is the rumors that since this product is not purchased directly from the manufactory; the contents are watered down!! For this price ( as compared to other shampoos) we should NOT have to worry about this issue!! I would like to hear from AMAZON about this concern! Well see if someone is paying attention!”- Jeanne Shumway.

FAQs About Plantur 39 Reviews

When can I begin using Plantur39?

I suggest beginning the full Plantur 39 3-Step System before you start experiencing menopausal symptoms. This routine can assist with early hair thinning. If you are already in menopause, don’t worry, it’s never too late. Incorporate Plantur 39 into your hair care routine before, during, and after menopause to support healthy hair growth in the future.

Do I have to use Plantur 39 shampoo every day?

No. You can stick to your normal shampoo routine. For days when you skip shampooing, try using the Phyto-Caffeine Scalp Tonic instead. For best results, apply a Plantur 39 product to your scalp daily for at least three months initially, and then consistently to keep seeing results.

Why do I have to leave the Plantur 39 shampoo in my hair for 2 minutes?

The Phyto-Caffeine Complex takes 2 minutes to reach its maximum effect.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

First results can be seen as early as 3 months and should be used continually to maintain results.

Final Thoughts: So Is Plantur 39 Legit?

From the Plantur 39 Reviews, it can be concluded that Plantur 39 is a legit hair care brand that is known for its products designed for women over 40 who are dealing with hair thinning or loss caused by hormonal changes.

The brand’s emphasis on the Phyto-Caffeine Complex and ingredients such as DHT blockers is rooted in research on the reasons for hair loss in women in this age group.

Although from the Plantur 39 reviews, Plantur 39 is a reputable brand designed for a particular group of people with specific needs, whether or not it is suitable for someone depends on their own unique experiences and requirements.

It is important to carefully evaluate new hair care products and consult with a professional if needed.

Don’t put your judgement only on the Plantur 39 reviews, but keep in mind that what may be effective for one person may not necessarily work for someone else, so it’s important to find the product that best suits you.

Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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