Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews: Finding the Perfect Bra with Evelyn & Bobbie

Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews

Evelyn & Bobbie, an exciting lingerie brand in Portland, Oregon, has transformed how women think about and wear bras.

Bree McKeen created this brand out of dissatisfaction with the pain caused by traditional undergarments.

It aims at developing intimate apparels that are both innovative and blend utility with aesthetics while being inclusive to all body sizes- this is Evelyn & Bobbie’s commitment.

The brand’s unique sizing system accommodates C-I cups and 30-48 bands, offering a wide selection of wire-free support bras, tanks, underwear, and accessories.

In this review, we will delve into the world of Evelyn & Bobbie, exploring its history, mission, and product offerings. 

By analyzing customer reviews and testimonials, we will provide insights into the real-world experiences of women who have embraced Evelyn & Bobbie’s products, highlighting the brand’s impact on their lives and wardrobes.

The thing that drives Evelyn & Bobbie’s philosophy is the idea that beauty and purpose are both important.

Evelyn & Bobbie makes its seamless and wireless intimates using stringent quality standards from which customers can wear them comfortably, walk around with confidence, and feel beautiful in them.

With major emphasis towards carbon cutting, waste elimination plus sustainable advancements, Evelyn & Bobbie undertakes to offer environmentally friendly products that would also be safe to its clients as well as nature.

Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews: What is Evelyn & Bobbie?

Evelyn & Bobbie is an intimate apparel brand that was created by Bree McKeen in Portland, Oregon.

Bree McKeen, who is currently a managing partner at the boutique investment firm located in Silicon Valley, decided to do something about it after she became irritated with the discomfort of conventional brassieres.

The brand provides wireless support bras, tanks, pants plus miscellany, complete with a peculiar size ranging from cup C to I, and from band 30 to 48.

Evelyns and Bobbies main aim is comfort, support, and innovation in its products which are all aimed at fitting those different shapes of women.

Their main distinguishing factor in the market is their dedication to data based designing customer’s feedback and constant upgrading.

The difference between their bras and the other brands is the presence of an EBcore that is made up of 3-D slings which provide both separation and uplift hence offering an alternative which is more comfortable than underwire bras.

The Beyond Bra, Defy Bra, Evelyn Bra, Smoothing Bra Cami, and Bobbie Scoop Bra are among the styles available in a range of products sold by the brand to cater for the needs and preferences of different customers.

Customers have been praising Evelyn & Bobbie for creating bras that are not only functional but also stylish, with testimonials indicating how comfortable, supportive and high quality their products are.

All in all, this makes Evelyn & Bobbie stand out as a lady-run firm whose focus is on making beautiful, functional, and innovative intimates for real life.

How Beneficial is Evelyn & Bobbie?

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are beneficial for several reasons, particularly for those seeking comfort and support without the traditional underwires. 

Here are some of the key benefits:

Ergonomic Design: The bras are designed with an ergonomic approach, providing an unbeatable lift and separation with a flexible yet supportive bodice 

Patented EBCore® Technology: This unique technology offers a 3D lift, creating a perfect silhouette that enhances the natural shape 

Seamless Design: The seamless construction ensures that you can wear the bras under any outfit without visible bra lines 

Size Inclusivity: Evelyn & Bobbie cater to a broad range of sizes, accommodating C-I cups and 30-48 bands, making them a good choice for many body types 

Comfort: Many users find these bras more comfortable than traditional ones, especially for larger busts and for those over 40.

Aesthetic Appeal: The bras come with a unique scalloped edge and thinner straps, adding a pretty detail and making them suitable to wear under various outfits. 

These features combine to provide a bra that is not only functional but also comfortable and stylish, aligning with the needs of many women looking for supportive yet wire-free undergarments.

Features of Evelyn & Bobbie

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are designed with a focus on comfort, support, and style. Here are some of their notable features: 

Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews

1. EBCore® Technology

This patented technology provides a 3D lift and support, acting as a wireless alternative to traditional underwires.

2. Ergonomic Design

The bras are crafted for an unbeatable lift and separation, with a flexible yet supportive bodice 

3. Seamless Construction

Designed to be invisible under clothing, the bras offer a smooth silhouette without any visible lines 

4. Size Inclusivity

They cater to a wide range of sizes, offering options for C-I cups and 30-48 bands 

5. Comfortable Straps

The Defy Bra, for example, features wide, comfortable straps that provide support without digging into the shoulders 

6. Aesthetic Details

A unique scalloped edge and thinner straps add a pretty detail, making the bras suitable for various outfits 

7. Smoothing Bra Cami

This combined bra and tank offers contouring and comfort, with an ergonomic design and smoothing back and side bands 

8. Starlette Plunge Bra

Features the lowest neckline in the collection, with built-in anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology, and extra support layers for larger breasts.

These features aim to provide a comfortable, supportive, and stylish bra experience, addressing common issues faced with traditional bras.

Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews: How Does Evelyn & Bobbie Work?

Evelyn & Bobbie bras work by combining innovative design with comfort-focused features. Here’s how they work:

EBCore® Technology: This patented feature is at the heart of Evelyn & Bobbie’s functionality. It provides a 3D lift and support system that replaces traditional underwires, offering the same level of support but with greater comfort.

Ergonomic Design: The bras are engineered to follow the body’s natural shape, providing lift and separation without the discomfort of wires digging into the skin.

Seamless Construction: The bras are made to be invisible under clothing, ensuring a smooth look no matter what you wear.

Size Inclusivity: With a wide range of sizes available, Evelyn & Bobbie bras are designed to fit a variety of body types, from C-I cups and 30-48 bands.

Comfortable Straps: The straps are made to be wide and comfortable, reducing shoulder strain and avoiding the common problem of straps digging in.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Evelyn & Bobbie?

Evelyn & Bobbie bras have garnered attention for their innovative approach to comfort and support. Here are some pros and cons based on customer reviews and product features:


Comfort: Many users find these bras to be exceptionally comfortable, especially for larger busts, due to their wire-free design. 

Support: The patented EB Core® technology provides a 3D lift and support that rivals traditional underwires.

Size Inclusivity: They offer a broad range of sizes, accommodating C-I cups and 30-48 bands, catering to many body types.

Seamless Design: The bras are designed to be invisible under clothing, providing a smooth silhouette.

Ergonomic Design: The bras are engineered for lift and separation, following the body’s natural shape 


Price: Some customers find the bras to be on the pricier side, which might not fit everyone’s budget.

Sizing System: While size-inclusive, some users may find the unique sizing system a bit confusing at first.

Limited Physical Availability: As a smaller company, their products might not be as widely available in physical stores as some other brands.

Adjustment Period: Some new users may need time to adjust to the feel of a wire-free support system.

Evelyn & Bobbie Cost: How Much Is Evelyn & Bobbie?

The cost of Evelyn & Bobbie bras varies depending on the specific product. Here are some general prices:

  • Evelyn Bra Classic is priced at $98.
  • The company had a price increase from $88 to $98 on February 12th, but they offer free shipping on every bra and a bundle deal where you can get bras at the original price of $88 when you buy any two bras together.
  • The Beyond Bra by Evelyn & Bobbie is listed at $130.

This price reflects the brand’s insistence on quality and unique patented technology that may account for the added cost compared to some other brands.

Keep in mind that various modifications or additions can be made in terms of promotions or changes, hence checking with their official website at https://evelynbobbie.com or authorized retailers would be advisable as the best option to know about current prices even though they are doing so many things at once now.

Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews From Users: Real Customer Feedback 

Here are some Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews from real customers from Amazon that has purchased and used the bras:


“Most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. 38DD (heavy breasts) and regular straps dig into my shoulders. I actually have permanent indents. Bought this bra at a store and fell in love. What surprised me the most was the support it gave me. I really was sure my boobs would hang down and I’d be sending this one back. This bra gives fantastic support! Looks so good under clothes. Smooths out the back fat and I don’t feel constricted at all. It’s not tight in the shoulders or around the band. After wearing it for a few days I ordered 2 more thru Amazon. I also own the cami. They wash up great. I thought the padding in the bra would be a problem after a wash but it’s not. If the padding gets moved you can reach in the slot to fix it. The cami is unlined but again the support is fantastic. I purchased an XL. If you have a hard time reaching your arms overhead this bra might but be for you. There are no hooks. It must be put on over your head”- Tazzorin

Finally a bra that delivers both fit & comfort

“At first it seemed it might be hard to get on; it is not, it is easy to put on, like a tank top. The comfort level is outstanding; 14 hours later feels the same as hour one. It fits well, so well. My G cup shape is uplifted without any hint of the dreaded back fat, uniboob, droop, or overflow issues that plague so, so many other bras. Honestly I had given up hope and I am so glad I gave this bra a try. I am getting a few more and throwing most of my existing bras away because this bra really delivers on every level”- Rachael

This is the real deal!

“I’ve been searching for the perfect bra forever, like most women. This is darn close to perfect. Lifts the girls up where they should be (without underwire)? Check! Smooths out and pulls forward those side bulges? Check! Comfortable? Check! Smoothes the back? Check! I was skeptical because they advertise that this bra is so different it has a patent. Now I believe it. It’s worth the money. It even helps even out my different sized boobs. I do wish it separated a little more, but this is as close to perfect as I have ever had”- BookStorm

True Wireless Support for Large Sizes

“I have tried so many bras – underwire and wireless, expensive and low cost, measured by experts and measuring myself, and this is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. A few months ago I had a full body MRI and was given a disposable bra to put on. I was highly skeptical since I wear a 40G and was pleasantly surprised to see that it fit well. Thus my journey for an every day wireless. So many out there have great comfort but no support, or incredible support with no comfort. This bra fits like a glove and the material is both soft and cooling. No digging in on the shoulders and it is surprisingly easy to put on”- TracyF

Final Thoughts: So Is Evelyn & Bobbie Legit?

Yes, Evelyn & Bobbie is a legit brand, established as a privately-owned startup based in Portland, Oregon.

The company has started to gain recognition for its unique approach on lingerie for women, with special focus on bras.

The company has been reviewed by customers and fashion advisors, and it has a presence in major retailers and indie boutiques across the United States and Canada.

Many customers have happily accepted Evelyn & Bobbie because it has always been dedicated to comfort, support and inclusivity in sizing.

For a long time, they have always used customer feedback and data to better their products.

During their early stages of establishment within the industry, the continued positivity in reviews plus the upward trend in their growth indicates that Evelyn & Bobbie can be relied upon as a promising brand concerning intimate wear.

FAQs About Evelyn & Bobbie Reviews 

What is Evelyn & Bobbie’s return and exchange policy?

Evelyn & Bobbie have a policy that enables customers to exchange their bras as many times as they may need until they find the right size and perfect fit. The store only accepts underwear returns for store credit. Items marked as final sale cannot be exchanged.

How do I care for my Evelyn & Bobbie bras?

The bras can be washed by machine using cold water just like any other colored items. It is advised that you take out the pads before washing so as not to have wrinkles in them. Lay flat for drying in shade but not direct sunlight.

Are there any tips for extending the lifespan of my bras?

Yes, you should rotate your bras to ensure that their lifespan is prolonged. At least three bras are highly recommended for rotation. Old bras that are worn out can be used as “lounge bras” at home in case you run out of any other comfortable options. 

What makes Evelyn Bobbie bras unique?

The technology used in designing their bras which is EB Cores® makes them unique among others available on the market. This new third dimensional bra has replaced the traditional underwire type. Despite the bra being designed with no seams, the ergonomic design ensures a smooth silhouette under any clothes.

Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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