myfitnesspal reviews | Feature, Cost, Pros and Cons

myfitnesspal reviews
myfitnesspal reviews

MyFitnessPal is a health fitness app with exercises and various diet management features.

This app includes many features, such as a food diary function, that allows users to log and track their daily food consumption by scanning bar codes or manually.

An AI-advanced image recognition technology developed by PASSIO Inc. enables users to quickly and easily log their meals by snapping a photo of their ingredients and recipe.

The MyFitnessPal database contains over 4 million foods and recipes, including metrics to monitor workout routines and daily calorie intake.

It also tracks the macronutrient content of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in every meal.

In the article, we have included Myfitnesspal reviews that reveal its features, cost, pros and cons, and honest user reviews.

myfitnesspal reviews: What is Myfitnesspal About?

MyFitnessPal is a fitness app that enables users to monitor their daily food intake and analyze their nutrient consumption using a comprehensive food database.

This app tracks food diary and physical activity [exercise] to help users set and achieve nutrition, fitness, and weight control goals, leading to overall wellness.

Further benefits of the app include tracking and analyzing weight, exercise, and daily nutrient intake to achieve optimal wellness, tracking essential micronutrients, including calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, and vitamin C, and access to virtual support.

You can search for your daily food and drink consumption, set a portion, and pair it with a main course or snack. You can also track and monitor your physical activity and record your weight.

It also offers meal scanning and barcode switching, providing easy access to personalized meal and workout plans. This helps you easily track and manage your nutritional and fitness goals.

How Does Myfitnesspal work?

Using the MyFitnessPal app is very easy. Here is how it works;

To use this app, you keep a daily record of your food and drink consumption and choices and quickly find nutritional information for your meals by searching for foods manually or scanning the barcodes to instantly access the information you need for packaged foods.

Beyond tracking your food, you can also log your physical activities by entering them manually or by connecting to popular fitness apps, allowing you to monitor your overall fitness journey in one place.

The list of compatible apps is extensive and features many popular fitness brands, including Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Polar, Strava, and many others. Thus, you can easily connect your existing fitness tools.

MyFitnessPal makes finding the appropriate measurement for your daily food consumption easier. When tracking your food intake, you can precisely adjust the serving size.

One of MyFitnessPal’s standout benefits is its database. Regardless of the language, you can search for any item, and our database will recognize it, providing you with accurate nutritional information and insights to support your healthy eating goals.

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What are the Features of Myfitnesspal?

MyFitnessPal app includes many valuable tools and features to help users achieve various health goals, including weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, and increased daily activity.

The platform provides multiple options for easy-to-follow exercise and meal plans, making it easy to customize and reach your fitness goals. MyFitnessPal is aimed at anyone wanting to track their food intake and their activity level.

Here are the powerful tools and features that make MyFitnessPal a leading health and fitness app:

  • Goal setting-nutrition, physical activity, and weight.
  • Food diary
  • Calorie counter
  • Weight chart
  • Exercise tracker
  • App community
  • Reminders to record breakfast, lunch, dinner, and water intake
  • Graphs and reporting.

Cost of Myfitnesspal

MyFitnessPal offers a free version and a Premium subscription. The Premium membership is relatively steep, at $19.99 monthly or $79.99 annually. Notably, the monthly fee was half the current price just a few years ago.

It’s worth mentioning that prices differ depending on your location, so users outside the United States may enjoy more affordable rates.

Regarding weight loss and calorie counting apps, MyFitnessPal Premium’s pricing is relatively high, particularly for its monthly subscription.

In comparison, LoseIt offers similar features but more limitations on its free version, including restricted access to device syncing and barcode scanning. However, LoseIt’s annual subscription is significantly more affordable at $39.99.

Other apps like Noom and WeightWatchers are part of comprehensive weight management programs, offering additional resources like food logging, educational articles, and community support.

Noom’s pricing may seem steep at $70 per month, but promotional offers can reduce the cost significantly, as seen in our testing. The annual price is $209, but users can expect a more affordable rate with discounts.

While MyFitnessPal Premium’s pricing may be a drawback for some, its robust features and large food database make it a popular choice among users.

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What are the Pros of Myfitnesspal?

MyFitnessPal offers comprehensive nutritional insights. Their clients can access a wealth of dietary data, enabling them to make informed choices that align with their specific health, fitness, and physique objectives.

This supports their overall well-being and progress towards their fitness goals.

User friendly:

This app boasts robust features and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for our vegan online coaching clients. But like any other tool, it has imperfections and needs improvements.

This app is an excellent resource for gaining valuable insights into your nutritional profile, helping you understand your diet strengths and weaknesses.

Excellent database of food and nutritional values:

MyFitnessPal boasts an extensive database of nearly 14 million food items, including obscure vegan options that might be unfamiliar to non-vegans.

One of its standout features is the barcode scanner, which allows you to quickly add packaged foods to your log by scanning the barcode.

The app also enables you to create and save custom recipes, eliminating the need to input ingredients each time you eat a particular dish manually.

Additionally, you can easily duplicate entire meals and transfer them to previous or future days, making meal planning and tracking a breeze.

You can use various types of measurement:

Fortunately, you don’t need to carry a kitchen scale to weigh every ingredient you consume. For my food logs, I prefer using convenient measurements like cups, tablespoons, and liters, which are easy to estimate.

The app offers various measurement options to suit your needs, including fluid ounces, weight, tablespoons/cups, and specific serving sizes for foods (such as three squares of Lindt dark chocolate or half a Nugo protein bar).

This flexibility makes tracking your food intake a breeze without requiring precise gram measurements.

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Are there Cons of MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal frequently underestimates users’ daily calorie needs, failing to consider a sufficient range of factors.

In my case, the app recommends a daily intake of 2000 calories to maintain my weight when my requirements exceed 3000 calories.

Furthermore, the app’s calorie goal does not account for physical activity, which is unrealistic given that my exercise routine burns significantly less than the 1000 calories assumed by the app.

This oversight can lead to inaccurate calorie goals and hinder progress toward fitness objectives.

Remarkably incorrect weight loss or gain predictions:

MyFitnessPal’s predictions for weight loss or weight gain are often unreliable and far from accurate, leading to unrealistic expectations and potential disappointment.

The app’s inability to consider unique user factors leads to wildly inaccurate forecasts, making it difficult for users to set realistic goals and track meaningful progress toward their weight goals.

Crowd-sourced food database items:

MyFitnessPal’s food database is mostly user-generated, and while the app flags specific entries with a green checkmark for completeness and accuracy, errors can still occur.

This highlights the importance of understanding that food tracking is an estimate, not an exact science.

You can’t tell the app to ignore exercise

It’s important to note that the calorie goal provided by the app is based on your baseline needs and does not account for physical activity.

The assumption is that any calories burned through exercise are additional, allowing you to consume more than your baseline amount.

For example, if the app suggests a daily baseline of 2000 calories and you expend 300 calories through strength training, your total available calories for the day would increase to 2300.

However, estimating calorie expenditure from exercise is complex, and the app’s calculations may be inaccurate.

Many factors, such as body composition, genetics, and current fitness level, are not considered, making it a rough estimate.

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Honest Reviews from Myfitnesspal Users

MyFitnessPal has garnered a positive reputation based on numerous reviews, reflecting customers’ general satisfaction with their purchases.

In the nutrition website category, MyFitnessPal holds the 15th position among nutritional sites.

Here are some of the rating and reviews from clients:

“I’ve been using the free version of MyFitnessPal for years and have been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. One of its standout features is its seamless integration with other popular fitness apps like MapMyRun. I’ve also created a personalized database of my most commonly consumed foods, making tracking a breeze. While the “recent” and “frequent” lists occasionally glitch and fail to update consistently, it’s a minor issue that doesn’t detract from the app’s overall usability.” -Chris Lee

“I’ve been using this app for years and, despite some imperfections, it meets my needs with the free version. While there are frequent prompts to upgrade to premium with a free trial, they’re easily dismissed. When logging food, double-check that the entry includes the nutritional information you need, as some database entries only list calories and omit details like sugar and fat content. Additionally, be aware that there are duplicate entries and ensure the information is reasonably accurate, as some entries may be significantly off. Contrary to some reviews, I’ve had no issues with the barcode scanner on the free version. Overall, this app is excellent for tracking calorie intake, monitoring calories burned, and staying motivated to make healthier choices.” -Darlene Shorlly

I’m extremely dissatisfied with my experience. When I upgraded to an annual package, I didn’t realize that switching phones would render my subscription invalid. The company blamed Apple for the issue, leaving me high and dry. Be cautious when subscribing, as they may not honor your purchase under certain circumstances.” -James H

“I’ve found the free account to be incredibly useful, despite some limitations. My only gripe is the abundance of duplicate entries, which can be inconsistent in terms of accuracy. While most duplicates are reliable, some contain significant errors. However, when paired with a fitness tracker, the app excels at tracking calorie intake and expenditure. Overall, it’s a valuable tool for monitoring my diet and exercise. – Chris Lee, March 7, 2024”

“I think the diary report would be more effective if it were weekly instead of daily. While this app is excellent for tracking meals and calorie intake, the daily review could be improved. The daily comments, such as ‘you haven’t eaten enough’ or ‘you’ll gain weight if you eat like this every day,’ are counterproductive and negative. Many users, including myself, like to save calories for special occasions or nights out. Reserving the dairy comment for the weekly report would make it more encouraging and helpful. As it stands, the daily comment is unhelpful and discouraging.” -Jonathan Brittany

Trustpilot Honest reviews

I’ve been building my history since the beginning of the year. Last week, while on holiday, my entire history went blank.

So I messaged them. They responded to ask for my username and email, so I told them. Long story short, nine days later, they still haven’t looked into my account or the problem. Now, anything I input just doesn’t save.

The customer service is simply non-existent. I’ve paid for a food and exercise diary. They haven’t been able to provide this or respond to my queries.-Matt

£15.99 for such a useless app that I used probably once and forgot all about! With no free trial end reminders because they know they’re useless and you’d cancel, they have an awful no refund policy so that when you get charged, you can’t get your money back. What a scam! – Oluwatitomi Davies

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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the MyFitnessPal Sync:

How soon should I see my meal posted after syncing my MyFitnessPal and TrainingPeaks accounts?

Your meal should appear within a few moments. If it doesn’t show up after a few hours, try re-entering a meal detail or disconnect and reconnect your accounts.

Q: Will calorie expenditure from TrainingPeaks sync with MyFitnessPal?

A: Yes, if you enable “Sync meals and log activities” when setting up the sync.

How do I enable the “Log Activities to MyFitnessPal” setting if I didn’t select it initially?

Disconnect your synced accounts, then reconnect and select the option to log activities.

Final Thoughts

MyFitnessPal is a powerful companion for your weight loss or fitness journey. It offers a vast food database, seamless cross-platform functionality, and extensive compatibility with various apps and devices. This comprehensive tool helps you track your progress and achieve your goals.



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