Scream Cream Reviews| How does it work, features, pros and cons

Scream Cream Reviews
Scream Cream Reviews

Scream Cream Reviews: I have always had a phobia of sexual intercourse growing up. Initially, it wasn’t a challenge because I have always believed it wouldn’t be an issue when it’s time to get into a relationship. The story changed after I got married to Jimmy.

Marrying the love of my life was a dream come true for me. Jimmy waited for me until I said ‘Yes, I do’ to him on the altar.

But just like the first is expected to be magical and memorable, ours was the opposite. I saw the disappointment on Jimmy’s face when he realized I wasn’t good in bed.

We have always wanted to create memories of intimate experiences together. Because I love him so much, I wanted to change.

I couldn’t wait till daybreak, so I searched the internet for a solution. I didn’t want my lover to be disappointed again.

In my quest for a quick solution, I encountered Scream Cream. After reading about its functions and some user reviews, I was eager to give it a trial.

Scream cream is a tropical ailment that helps you to spice up your sexual life and activities within the period. It helps to get maximum satisfaction, results and the best experience during this period and also improves one’s sexual life.

In this Scream Cream review, I have reviewed everything I noticed about It while using it. You will learn how it works, its features, and its pros and cons.

Key Takeaways

  • Scream cream is a tropical ailment that helps you to spice up your sexual life and activities within the period.
  • Scream Cream contains L-arginine, L-citrulline, Benzocaine, Ergoloid Mesylate, Pentoxifylline, and Testosterone.
  • Scream cream comes with itching, a mild rash, or skin redness. It’s not common among users.

What is Scream cream?

Scream cream, also known as Arosal cream, is an ointment containing an active and inactive component that helps to quicken blood flow in the applied body parts. It allows females to get quick, maximum satisfaction in bed when used.

The increase in Libidio results from chemicals like sildenafil, aminophylline, L-arginine, and pentoxifylline. These help with quick stimulation and orgasms.

If, as a lady, you have issues getting sexual satisfaction, Scream Cream is a transdermal product you can use. That means you don’t need to inject or take it as a capsule. Just rub on your genital areas, and you are good to go.

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How does Scream Cream work?

To get the desired result, you want. Apply Scream cream directly on your clitoris (little flesh above the vulva) for 30 minutes before the sexual activities. 

When applying the cream, squeeze a small amount onto your finger because a little goes a long way, so it’s advisable not to use a large amount.

Then, gently massage the little squeeze of cream into the clitoral area using a circular motion, making sure it is evenly distributed.

The effects of the applied cream work and last for up to 2 hours. Note: Products not requiring a prescription usually contain L-arginine or herbal ingredients.

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Pros of Scream Cream

As a lady, using scream cream comes with numerous advantages. These advantages are what we call pros of scream cream:

brings maximum satisfaction

During our research, we noticed Scream cream helps users get maximum satisfaction, as users have reported various changes such as increased libido and arousal level, reaching climax, intense orgasms, and pleasurable experiences with a partner.

Increase blood flow

Another thing I found out about scream cream is that it helps to increase blood flow in the genital area, which alleviates dryness and discomfort during sexual activities.

It somewhat improves blood flow to the area when applied, which helps combat the issue when having sex. 

Topical use may be safer than oral.

Scream cream only deals with the outer body parts, which doesn’t have to deal with our inner body system, which makes it safer than the oral products that can cause harm to our inner body.

Compounded by pharmacies

Due to our reports from various users, Scream Cream is not readily available in local (small) and international (big) pharmacies, making it difficult for consumers to purchase it. 

Cons of scream cream

Even with the numerous advantages Scream Cream has, there are also disadvanatges it comes with. These disadvantages come from side effects. Now, let’s take a brief look at some of them.

Scream cream causes Numbness.

Numbness is one of the side effects of Scream cream, mainly when you apply it more than expected. Although you get quick sexual arousal, you will feel numb after some hours, even without having sex.

But the thing about it is that it’s temporary. It fades away once you give it a little time. So, I advise you to take a few minutes to rest and allow the numbness to fade before indulging in sexual activity if you want to have the best sexual experience.

Localised Irritation

This is another side effect of scream cream you can call a disadvantage. It comes with itching, a mild rash, or skin redness. It’s not common among users.

But if you experience this effect, I advise you to stop using the cream for a while. If possible, visit a doctor immediately to get medical advice. 

Apart from these two effects, there are other side effects. Some are minimal, while some are severe.

For Minimal side effects

These effects are signs that prove the use of the ingredients used in producing scream cream. They include headache, flushing, irritation, confusion or dizziness as our reaction to the use of Pentoxifylline, (hair loss in women due to the use of Testosterone), 

 For severe side effects

As I said, you should speak to a doctor or medical professional if you notice any signs after applying the cream: redness, itching, mild rash, swelling, dizziness, or difficulty breathing.

To be safe, you can consult a medical professional before using the cream to learn about any potential risks. 

key ingredient 

Scream Cream uses a carefully selected blend of active ingredients that contribute to its effectiveness. Here are a few notable components:

  •     L-Arginine: This amino acid plays a crucial role in vasodilation, improving blood flow to the genital area.
  •     L-Citrulline: Another powerful amino acid that aids in vasodilation and increases nitric oxide production.
  •     Benzocaine: This local anaesthetic numbs the skin, delaying orgasm and prolonging sexual activity.
  • Ergoloid Mesylate: This can help increase blood flow for longer and intensify sexual pleasure. 
  •  Pentoxifylline: Also a vasodilator medication to help increase blood flow.
  • Testosterone – A sex hormone used to maintain libido (sex drive) in men and women.

Scream Cream Reviews from Users

Regardless of how well it works for you, it’s a minimal supply. For 7 dollars, you get much less than you would with a different brand. I was expecting a small-medium size tube; what arrived was like a half-empty lip gloss. Should return it.- Amazon Customer

It’s been my go-to for a while now. It won’t take you from 0 to 100, but if you’re already at 50 from letting your imagination run wild, it’ll make it faster and easier to get to 100. You may have to reapply it a bit, but I’m okay with that because it’s not runny or messy and melts just fine.

I like this bc it’s so hard to find a lady arousal cream without that god-awful menthol in it. Seriously who thought putting icy hot down there was a good idea?? It feels stimulating and nice without that annoying coldness from menthol products.- Joe Momma,

it’s great at helping you reach your climax and provide the right amount of moisture. I like it. – Betty

Bad product tried this, and nothing tried a dime size, and nothing, so then I tried a quarter size and still nothing a waste of my money – Gina Tapia

 I honestly didn’t notice a difference…..I thought it was bc maybe I didn’t put enough so I put a lil more and still nothing 😔 – KrazyKcrew

It’s a waste of money. I had a feeling when I bought this item was going to be a waste of money, and it was. – Btalbs

 For me, it didn’t work. I don’t know if it was just me, but, not that good – Amanda Galanek

Not a good product it didn’t work at all. – Rondelian G. Brown

Honestly, I do not know where all these negative reviews come from! This is, hands-down, the best stimulating cream I’ve ever tried! I have tried several, and I like that this does not tingle, nor does it burn, and I don’t even feel a warming sensation. I give this over five stars!!!! Maybe y’all are doing it wrong; I don’t know. But the directions say to put it on and RUB it for 1-3 minutes. As far as the tube being too small or half full, you should only use less than a pea amount, and that’s it, so it should last for quite some time. This puts the O back into orgasm!! – Cindy L

Does nothing. It did not work… if anything, it made me lose sensation. I will not buy it again. It’s a waste of money. – Jenny

 The name’s a tad silly, but I have found that it does consistently heighten pleasure during sex (whenever I can remember to use it)! You only need a tiny bit of the cream, and you just rub it into the clit right before you get it on. Kicking in takes a few minutes, so don’t expect immediate results. Although I wouldn’t say it causes mind-blowing “screaming” orgasms, it heightens the tingles and makes the buildup to orgasm stronger and longer.

Also, I’ve never used this product solo, but I don’t think it’d matter either way. – Scarlett Knight

I tried it only once, but it did nothing for me. – Monica George

It does seem to increase sensitivity a little, but the application could be better. The tip of the tube is like chapstick. A padded tip would probably be better. – Coby Adams

Is Scream Cream what is going for

Based on the honest reviews from users and information i found about the cream, Scream CREAM CAN be pleasing and also be bad depending on the individual using it. Even with the bad reviews, some users still have excellent and exciting things to say. So, here is my take: seek medical advice from medical personnel before purchasing this topical cream. 

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What is Scream cream?

Scream cream, also known as Arousal cream, is an ointment containing an active and inactive component that helps to quicken the blood flow in the applied body parts. When used, it helps females get quick, maximum satisfaction in bed.

What are the Key ingredients? 

Scream Cream uses a carefully selected blend of active ingredients such as
Ergoloid Mesylate

Does Scream cream have any disadvantages?

Despite Scream Cream’s numerous advantages, there are also disadvantages, such as numbness, headache, dizziness, and irritation.

How does Scream Cream work?

For Screm cream to work, the user has to apply it directly to the clitoris (little flesh above the vulva) for 30 minutes before the sexual activities. The effects of the applied cream work and last up to 2 hours. 


Scream Cream is a well-liked and practical method of raising libido and pleasure. Because of the product’s unique recipe and simple application technique, users have expressed greater pleasure and favourable results.

While it could cost more than other items on the market, many people find that the advantages and efficacy make the investment worthwhile. Scream Cream’s fast-acting properties and all-natural components are its advantages; however, some users may experience allergic reactions.



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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