Hoka Review: Is It Legit & How Does It Work?

Hoka Review

If you’re on the hunt for comfortable, high-performance athletic shoes, you’ve likely come across the brand Hoka. 

Known for their signature chunky, maximalist soles, Hoka shoes have gained a cult following among runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts alike. 

In this comprehensive Hoka review, we’ll dive deep into the brand, exploring its offerings, benefits, and overall legitimacy in the athletic footwear market.

Hoka Review: What is Hoka?

Hoka is a footwear company that specializes in creating shoes designed to enhance performance and reduce the impact on the body during various athletic activities. 

Founded in 2009 by Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud, two former Salomon employees, Hoka’s mission is to revolutionize the running experience by incorporating innovative cushioning technologies into their shoe designs.

The brand’s name, “Hoka,” is derived from the Maori phrase “time to fly,” reflecting the company’s goal of providing a lightweight and effortless running experience. 

Hoka’s unique selling proposition lies in their signature oversized midsoles, which offer unparalleled cushioning and shock absorption, setting them apart from traditional running shoes.

How Beneficial is Hoka?

One of the primary benefits of Hoka shoes is their ability to reduce the impact forces experienced during activities like running, walking, and hiking. 

The brand’s proprietary cushioning systems, such as the Meta-Rocker geometry and the J-Frame technology, are designed to promote a smooth, rocking motion that minimizes stress on the joints and muscles.

Additionally, Hoka shoes are renowned for their overall comfort. 

The ample cushioning not only protects against impact but also provides a plush, supportive ride, making them suitable for long-distance activities or those with conditions like plantar fasciitis or other foot-related issues.

Hoka Review: Is It Legit & How Does It Work?

Features of Hoka

Hoka shoes are packed with innovative features that contribute to their exceptional performance and comfort. Some of the key features include:

1. Oversized midsoles: Hoka’s signature chunky midsoles offer unparalleled cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the impact forces on the body during various activities.

2. Meta-Rocker geometry: This feature promotes a smooth, rocking motion from heel-strike to toe-off, reducing the overall stress on the joints and muscles.

3. J-Frame technology: This reinforced midsole design provides added stability and support, particularly for those who overpronate or need extra motion control.

4. Breathable uppers: Hoka utilizes lightweight and breathable materials in their upper constructions, ensuring optimal airflow and moisture management during intense activities.

Hoka Review: How Does Hoka Work?

Hoka’s innovative shoe designs are engineered to provide a unique and cushioned running experience. 

The brand’s signature oversized midsoles, which can be up to twice as thick as traditional running shoes, are the key to their success.

These midsoles are typically constructed using proprietary lightweight foams, such as the brand’s EVA or CMEVA (Compressed Moulded EVA) materials. 

These foams offer exceptional cushioning and responsiveness, absorbing the impact forces generated during activities like running or walking.

Additionally, Hoka incorporates various technologies into their shoe designs to enhance performance and comfort further. 

The Meta-Rocker geometry, for instance, is designed to promote a smooth, rocking motion from heel-strike to toe-off, reducing the overall stress on the joints and muscles. 

This feature, combined with the ample cushioning, can help reduce the risk of injuries and facilitate a more efficient stride.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hoka?

Like any product, Hoka shoes have their advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider:


1. Excellent Cushioning: Hoka shoes have thick and plush midsoles, providing great shock absorption and reducing impact forces during running.

2. Wide Platform: They offer a wider platform than other high-end running shoes, which can aid in an easier gait and is beneficial for people with flat feet.

3. Lightweight: Despite their size, Hoka shoes are lightweight, which can improve balance, flexibility, and foot stability.

4. Durability: Made from new materials, these shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of running and long-distance training.

5. Perfect for Wide Feet: They come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for individuals with wider feet.

6. Slip-Resistant: The deep foot cushioning provides comfort and a decrease in the risk of injury from fatigue and impact.


1. Expensive: Hoka shoes tend to be pricier than other brands, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious consumers.

2. Limited Style Options: Some consumers may find the style options limited compared to other brands.

These points should help you weigh whether Hoka shoes are the right choice for your needs. 

Remember, the best shoe is one that fits well and meets your specific requirements for comfort, support, and performance.

Hoka Cost: How Much Is Hoka?

The cost of Hoka shoes typically ranges between $120 and $190, depending on the style and type. 

For example, some specific models and their prices are as follows:

  • Men’s Clifton 9: Priced at $145, known for its neutral, balanced cushioning and is suitable for everyday running and walking.
  • Men’s Bondi 8: This model is available for $165 and offers a plush cushion, ideal for everyday running with a wider platform for stability.
  • Men’s Skyward X: The price for this new arrival is $225, featuring a neutral, plush cushion for everyday running.

Please note that prices may vary based on location, promotions, and availability. It’s recommended to check the official Hoka website at https://www.hoka.com/en/us/mens-view-all/ or authorized retailers for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Hoka Review on Trustpilot

Hoka has received a variety of reviews on Trustpilot, reflecting different customer experiences. Here’s a summary of what customers are saying:

Positive Reviews

  • Customers appreciate the comfort and support provided by Hoka shoes, especially for running and walking. 
  • The ordering process is described as great, with quick delivery and updates on tracking. 
  • The wide range of shoe choices, including colors and sizes, is praised, particularly for those needing wide-fit hiking boots.
  • Some customers have had great experiences with customer service, mentioning helpful assistance and resolution of issues.

Negative Reviews

  • There are reports of durability concerns, with some customers experiencing the shoes wearing out sooner than expected.  
  • A few customers have had negative experiences with certain products, such as flip flops, which they found not fit for purpose and potentially unsafe.
  • Customer service experiences vary, with some customers expressing dissatisfaction with the resolution of their complaints.

Overall, Hoka has a 4.0 rating on Trustpilot, with 62% of the reviews being 5-star. 

However, there is a significant 22% of 1-star reviews, indicating that while many customers are happy with their purchases, there are some who have had less favorable experiences.

It’s important to consider these reviews in the context of your own needs and preferences when making a decision about purchasing Hoka products.


Facebook can serve as another valuable resource for gathering Hoka reviews and gauging the brand’s legitimacy. 

The official Hoka One One Facebook page has a strong following, with 898,000 likes and 941,000 followers.

Many Facebook users share their positive experiences with Hoka shoes, highlighting the brand’s exceptional cushioning, support, and overall comfort. 

Customers frequently post photos of their Hoka shoes, showcasing their unique designs and chunky soles.

Additionally, the Hoka One One Facebook page serves as a hub for the brand’s community, allowing customers to engage with one another, share tips, and stay updated on new product releases and promotions.


Across various locations, the Hoka shoes have received mixed reviews on Yelp. 

The average rating for Hoka shoes on Yelp is around 4 stars, indicating generally positive reviews but also some areas for improvement. Here are some key points:

Positive Reviews

  • Many reviewers praised the knowledgeable and friendly staff, particularly Outlaw and Nina at the West Hollywood location.
  • Some customers appreciated the store’s return policy, which allows for a 30-day return without questions.
  • Reviewers also mentioned the comfort and quality of the Hoka shoes.

Negative Reviews

  • Some customers experienced poor service, citing overworked staff and a lack of direction on sizing.
  • One reviewer reported difficulty finding the right size due to limited stock.
  • Another reviewer mentioned that the store was disorganized and chaotic, making it difficult to find what they needed.

Judging from these reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, and Yelp, Insightcritique has given Hoka a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Final Thoughts: So Is Hoka Legit?

Based on the overwhelming positive feedback from customers, expert reviews, and the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality, it’s safe to conclude that Hoka is a legitimate and reputable brand in the athletic footwear market.

Hoka’s unique approach to cushioning and shock absorption has garnered a loyal following among runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts who prioritize comfort and injury prevention. 

The brand’s proprietary technologies, such as the Meta-Rocker geometry and the J-Frame support system, have proven effective in reducing impact forces and promoting a smoother, more efficient stride.

While Hoka shoes may come with a higher price tag, many customers believe the investment is well worth it, considering the potential benefits and the overall quality of the products. 

Additionally, the brand’s presence on popular review platforms like Trustpilot, Facebook, and Yelp further reinforces its legitimacy and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, if you’re seeking a high-performance, well-cushioned shoe that prioritizes comfort and injury prevention, Hoka is certainly a brand worth considering. 

With their unique designs, innovative technologies, and a dedicated following, Hoka has established itself as a go-to choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

FAQs About Hoka Review

1. Are Hoka shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, Hoka shoes are often recommended for individuals with plantar fasciitis due to their exceptional cushioning and shock-absorbing properties. The ample midsoles help reduce the impact forces on the feet, alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis.

2. Are Hokas good for long distances? 

Yes, the cushioning and rocker geometry make Hokas ideal for long runs and ultra distances. They help reduce fatigue.

3. What about stability and support? 

While Hokas have a well-cushioned feel, they still provide decent stability for casual runners. The wider base enhances support.

4. Are Hoka shoes heavy? 

Most reviews acknowledge that Hokas are a bit heavier than traditional trainers due to the maximal cushioning. But the tradeoff is high comfort.

Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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