Nano Socks Reviews | How it Works, Benefits, Features, Pros and Cons

Nano Socks Reviews
Nano Socks Reviews

Nano sock is a unique compression sock that helps muscle recovery and easy blood circulation.

Having persistent foot pain and discomfort can make it difficult to do daily duties. This is particularly true for those with diabetes, oedema, neuropathy, problems with blood circulation, etc.

Nano socks are a fantastic and successful method of relieving leg discomfort. Our Nano Socks reviews provided information about how Nano socks work, their features, and their pros and cons.

Key Takeaways

  • Nano socks are special compression socks designed to help muscles recover after challenging activities.
  • Nano Support Fabric – designed to support calf, arch, and ankle regions. It also aids in moisture and odour control.

What are Nano Socks?

Nano socks are a special kind of compression socks. They are specially designed to help with muscle recovery after challenging activities.

These socks have revolutionary features that make them comfortable and suitable for diabetic patients. They relieve nerve pains, solve foot-related issues, and help you still enjoy your activities after having constant pain. 

Another exciting feature of these Nano socks that makes people opt for them is the lightweight material, which gives all the comforts anyone can ever need without compromising good hygiene.

Knowing what Nano socks are, let’s talk about how they function or work.

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What Kind of Fabric Are They Made Out Of?

The nano sock is made from high-quality fabrics designed to provide optimum results. It has a proprietary 70% nylon / 30% spandex blend 3-D Nano-Weave with structured, targeted compression.

The band that wraps around the foot is soft neoprene, designed for maximum comfort. The sock is tough but looks good.

How Does a Nano Sock Work?

While researching Nano socks, I met a few people I know who use them. They all said almost the same about how they work.

A nano sock, or a compression sock, uses Nano-support fabrics. It consists of a mixture of cotton, the antibacterial yarn Nanosilver, and elastane. This helps relieve aches, foot pain, and imbalances caused by diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, or similar conditions.

When you wear these new and soft socks, you’ll notice a huge difference in your foot condition.

The socks help stabilize your ankle, which, in turn, reduces foot fatigue. It also helps promote a better and healthier posture. On the other hand, people with plantar fasciitis can benefit from the socks’ healing qualities. 

The socks’ remarkable moisture tension feature ensures you won’t have to worry about bad odour despite wearing them all day.

How to Wear a Nano Sock?

You wear Nano Sock just the way you wear regular socks. There is no unique way or step required. If you purchase a Nano foot sleeve, you may wear it under your socks or hose. 

Furthermore, there is no time limit on when and how to wear them. If you desire, you may wear them throughout the day.

Besides this, putting on the socks will offer instant comfort. However, practical results may take two days or a week.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Nano Sock

Some features of Nano socks make them unique. These features are what you should consider before purchasing them. Here are The following are things to consider while purchasing a nano sock:


The material quality is the first thing to consider before purchasing a nano sock. The material of your socks can determine the narrow line separating comfort and discomfort.

So, it’s imperative that you take a seat and carefully inspect the composition of the materials in the sock you choose. You can even wonder if the sock is thick or lightweight.

Lightweight nano socks are usually softer and more breathable. Thickner ones, on the other hand, might cause skin irritation and are warmer.

In addition, you ought to see if the nano socks offer efficient moisture-wicking. If not, moisture and sweat can result in smelly feet, which can be offensive to you and those around you. Your feet will stay dry if your nano sock absorbs the sweat.


The most important consideration while buying a nano sock should be comfort. A tight fit won’t aid you as you work toward a more comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Wearing a nano compression sock that is too tight could make your pain worse. Thus, measure the size of your feet first. Next, choose your ideal fit by carefully examining the brand’s charts.


If the material is thick and the fit is tight, your foot may become heated. Your sock will then start to become wet and smell bad.

To avoid this, ensure your chosen pair is airy and doesn’t cause excessive perspiration. This will guarantee that your feet stay dry and odour-free.


A nano sock’s primary function is to guarantee optimal comfort through efficient compression. Your sock will waste money if it doesn’t compress all the intended zones successfully.

You have to realise that different compression sleeves and socks target different places. 

If you buy a compression sock and bring it up to your knee, your circulation will increase, and your ankles, feet, and legs will receive improved support. Conversely, a shorter sleeve will provide excellent arch support and lessen ankle swelling.

Generally speaking, a nanosock should encourage improved blood circulation to hasten the healing process. It should also successfully lessen weariness, ankle oedema, and foot pain. 

Arch Assistance

In persistent pain, the area of your leg needs high-quality arch support for optimal alleviation. Therefore, you must choose a pair that provides excellent arch support.

Your Spending Cap

If you can’t afford the nano sock you want, there’s no point in wasting time staring at your computer screen. Alternatively, you can choose your selection and then decide on your budget.

What are the Pros of Nano Socks?

Nano Sock has many pros, so people always use it as a compression sock. You may take advantage of many incredible benefits of nano socks. If you go for Nano socks, you are sure to enjoy the following benefits:

It Gives A Cozy Fix

Nano socks can be made of various materials, including premium cotton mixed with yarn Nanosilver and a unique Nano bamboo charcoal fibre.

Furthermore, the soft texture is complemented by the socks’ capacity to stretch. Even a large range of sizes is available to guarantee that you get the ideal fit.

Encourages Better Circulation of Blood

Another thing you will like about Nano socks is that they help improve blood circulation with their distinctive design.

Not only that, but the sock ensures that your body’s organs are operating at their best while revitalising nerve cells.

In addition, nano socks are an efficient way to hasten the healing process of minor cuts and wounds.

Handle a Range of Health Issues

In addition to improving blood circulation, nano socks are incredibly helpful in alleviating the symptoms of various medical conditions. 

Just by wearing them, they can relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms, reduce foot discomfort, and guard against conditions including hepatitis, diabetes, stroke, kidney stones, gallstones, and cancer.

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Serves as Remedial Socks

The seamless fit and breathable substance of nano socks permit blood to circulate freely throughout your body.

Because of their unrestricted flow, professional specialists prescribe these socks for patients with diabetes, neuropathy, and oedema.

In addition, the luxurious, comfortable, and lightweight material promotes good form and allows your toes to move freely.

Finally, the sock has additional cushioning in the toe and sole region to improve comfort and guarantee longevity.

Non-irritating and antibacterial

Due to their generally synthetic and organic ingredients, nano socks are inherently antibacterial and non-irritating. They protect your feet from harmful microorganisms and rapidly wick away perspiration to eradicate bacteria efficiently.

Conversely, nano socks are largely non-toxic and non-irritating. This implies that those with allergies can also benefit from these socks’ exceptional comfort.

Make sure Your Feet Stay Fresh and Dry

Not to mention, nano socks effortlessly wick sweat from your body into the cotton. Thus, your feet stay dry, fresh, and odour-free with these breathable, absorbent socks.

What are Cons

Here are the cons of Nano socks. These cons serve as disadvantages. 

It is too long: 

Nano socks are too long, making them difficult and uncomfortable for short people. If you wear size 7, the sock will be too lenghty for you.

Not Anatomical: 

Anatomical fits are beneficial and frequently provide excellent compression benefits for particular areas, such as the arches. Although these socks offer targeted arch compression, it was frustrating that there was no anatomical fit for the left or right side.

Has Only two sides

The PRS socks come in only two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large. This is restrictive and does not consider variations in body composition.

Light Compression: 

Although these socks have some compression, it is not enough to make me feel completely different after only one wear.

To see a change, it required a few wears and some consistency. Even so, I didn’t think the size difference made much difference for my feet or ankles.

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Nano Sock Compression Levels

Nano socks are available in four different compression levels, each corresponding to a different area under pressure. Additionally, these are measured in mercury millimetres. It looks like this:

  • Level 1 compression is the lowest level, so those in good health and pregnant women who experience slight foot tiredness can use them. It is 14 mmHg and lower.
  • Level 2 Compression ranges from 15 to 20 mm Hg in the centre and is best used for mild inflammation. It will also help those suffering from deep vein thrombosis.
  • Compression levels 3 and 4 (21 to 30 mmHg and higher) are ideal for those who experience persistent pain, edema, or joint misalignment. These medical-grade compression socks reduce the risk of blood clotting, edema, and varicose veins.
  • Choosing the ideal compression amount to improve muscle and joint circulation can be challenging. Therefore, before deciding on a compression level, see a doctor.

How Much is Nano Sock?

Nano sock is sold at $29.95 per pair and you get it from Nano official website. Also, on their website, you will see other packages. Here is their current purchasing packages include:

  • One pair of socks: $22.00
  • 3 pairs of socks: $43.12
  • 5 pairs of socks: $63.36
  • 7 pairs of socks: $82.72
  • 9 pairs of socks: $101.20
  • 11 pairs of socks: $118.80
  • 13 pairs of socks:$135.52.

Nano Socks Reviews From Users

Here are what people who have used Nano socks have to say about the brand:

I wanted to try these to wear because my feet hurt and burned at night. I didn’t want to keep using medicine. They are working. I have not used anything on my feet for over a week since I started wearing them to bed. I have big feet, men’s 11, so I ordered the largest size. The fit good. The only thing that is uncomfortable is around the front of the ankles. But nothing that would keep me from wearing them. Worth the price for a good night’s sleep. -Loyann Kistler

It does support my feet. I’m a walker and I stand alot on my job so I think my feet and ankles might be a bit messed up, using sneakers that probably not suitable, so now my feet don’t feel 100%, but with these socks I feel a bit more support. I use them every day over my socks. -Rhonda J.

I have never been able to wear the compression stockings without having my legs throb after a few hours of wearing them and I always had difficulty putting them on. In my old age I have become wiser! I ordered NanoSocks which have been much more comfortable on my legs and are much easier to put on. I like the open toe. NanoSocks wash well and I plan to order another pair. -Layney75

Not very comfortable. -Debby McDowell

I bought just one pair in the beginning. They worked very well, so I now have several pairs. I’m not saying it is a complete help, but it makes you feel better most of the time. Give it a try. It’s somewhat expensive but worth it. – Ronald L. McClaren

The product seemed to work as advertised, relieving my burning feet. I can’t give more than three stars because the relief is not long-term. -TomB

I love wearing my Nanosocks. They fit great and feel great. The support is wonderful for my lower legs, ankles and feet! – Kathleen F.

Is Nano Sock Worth going for?

From our findings and some of the honest reviews made by Nano Socks users, Nano socks are worth going for, especially if you are a walker experiencing foot pains.


How are NanoSocks used?

Infrared nanoparticles are mixed into the yarn of True Energy Socks. As the nanoparticles absorb your body’s heat, the technology functions. By enlarging the capillaries in your foot, the infrared energy promotes cellular healing and enhances circulation.

What advantages do NanoSocks offer?

Nano socks provide consistent muscle compression. This pressure may improve blood flow and circulation, which may help lessen pain and swelling.

are NanoSocks supposed to last?

Compression socks are comfortable to wear all day, every day. They are designed for extended periods, whether working a night shift, on a round-the-world flight or spending the entire day at a desk.

Can you go to bed wearing NanoSocks?

Yes, you can wear your Nano socks to bed. Although wearing compression socks to bed is safe, there aren’t many benefits.


Nano socks provide a distinctive and cutting-edge option for people who want to improve their comfort and performance while on their feet. These socks’ breathable materials offer many advantages, including enhanced circulation, odour control, and moisture-wicking. Some salient characteristics are Nano socks’ longevity, close fit, and seamless design. Most reviews are positive, despite a few negatives like the increased price and limited store availability.



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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