Geymy reviews | Benefits, Products, Prices, Is it Legit?

Geymy reviews
Geymy reviews

Geymy Reviews: As a lady, dressing well is one of the things I so much prioritize because I understand the rule ”Don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

That’s why I opt for a reliable platform that sells high-quality, beautiful clothes whenever I want to change my clothes. I also look for affordable options.

I’m not among those who believe you can’t get high-quality clothes at low or affordable prices.

You can buy quality dresses without robbing a bank. is one reliable platform that makes that possible.

Geymy is an online platform for buying women’s clothes. It is renowned for providing unbeatable benefits, an enticing array of products, competitive prices, and assurances of legitimacy.

They have an array collection of tops, sweaters, fall and winter clothes, summer clothes, pants, and even casual wear.

Because of my enthusiastic nature of looking good, I didn’t hesitate to research Geymy immediately after I heard about it. Even with the good reviews I got from a friend who shops there, I still want to find out for myself before making any order.

In this article, I have put down all my findings about Geymy into words. The Geymy reviews cover everything about the website, including the type of clothes they sell, prices, and honest reviews from other users.

About Geymy

The Geymy is an online store that offers a variety of spring and summer clothing items, including tops, flowy dresses, pullovers and sweaters, two-piece sets, shirts and shirts, excursion attire, short dresses, midi dresses, and more.

The Geymy is an online platform that connects artists with customers. This website promotes young artists who become well-known creators and their products on their platforms.

Geymy Company location and Logistics Center

With its own logistics center in Singapore, is a legally recognized corporate entity with its headquarters in the United States.

Although North America is typically where most online fashion merchants locate their logistics operations, they chose Singapore due to its superior delivery capabilities.

Geymy Benefits

Geymy offers many benefits. These benefits give them an edge over other platforms and increase the possibility of more people opting for their products. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Sells High Quality Goods

Geymy sells nothing less than quality, which is one of the reasons why customers purchase from them. They directly sell high-quality, reasonably priced products manufactured in their factories.

A small group of youthful individuals motivated to change the fashion industry founded

An Objectivist Marketplace for Up-coming Designers

Another intriguing aspect is that this fashion event gives aspiring designers a platform to change the industry by exhibiting their goods.

Rather than inviting major fashion firms to offer their latest creations on their website, they are committed to providing an impartial platform for up-and-coming designers and small brands looking to reach a wider audience.

Connecting Designers with Clients Directly

They strive to change the fashion industry’s conventional business model by eschewing the needless intermediary process between buyers and designers.

By doing this, they can reach the greatest number of people and deliver the newest designs quickly to their esteemed clientele.

A Market Participant with Social Responsibility

Fashion designers and firms committed to employing recyclable materials in their creations can get funding from

The team considers employee welfare, especially because the founder had early expertise in the fashion sector. Furthermore, would only work with companies that pay and treat their staff fairly. helps address the problem of extreme poverty worldwide by donating a portion of its profits to charitable organizations.

How Do You Make Order Geymy?

Provide a working email address during checkout. After making a purchase, you will receive an email confirming your online transaction, the shipping method, and the total amount charged to your credit card.

Please be aware that your credit card is charged within three days of placing the order and that we authorize the total amount when you set it to verify your credit card.

Should the product become unavailable after the credit card has been charged, you will be refunded in full for the item that was not available.

What are the Available Products at Geymy?

Geymy is a platform where you can get various women’s clothes. These clothes are categorically grouped into:

  • Fall & Winter
  • Spring & Summer
  • Tops
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Pants
  • Casuals
  • Two-Piece Sets

Fall & Winter

At Geymy, you can get beautiful dresses perfect for fall and winter. The clothes are always heavy and well-covered to protect you from cold weather. They can be jackets, coats, or sweaters.

Spring and Summer Dresses

In addition to fall and winter clothes, the Geymy platform also offers beautiful spring and summer dresses. You can also get cotton, chiffon, or linen shorts, sundresses, and lightweight and comfortable jackets.


The upper clothes worn on the torso are referred to as tops. This category includes various styles, such as tunics, T-shirts, crop tops, blouses, shirts, and tank tops.

Geymy’s Fall & Winter Collection boasts an array of stylish tops designed to keep you warm without compromising style.

Casual Dresses

On the Geymy website, you can also find adaptable dresses to be worn daily in laid-back situations.

Their styles and lengths vary, featuring maxi, midi, sundress, and shirt dresses. They are usually made of cozy materials like cotton or jersey.


Sweater & Cardigan

Geymy also showcases an array of stylish and cool sweaters and cardigans well knitted. You can wear some on top of a dress. Some come in the form of pullovers with long sleeves.

Two Pieces Sets

These outfits are sold as a set, including matching top and bottom pieces. These combinations, which provide a practical and fashionable alternative, frequently feature matching tops and bottoms, such as crop tops with matching skirts or shorts or coordinated sweater and trouser sets.

Geymy Clothing reviews: Geymy Pricing

Prices for clothes on Geymy vary. This platform is more interesting because it has a price category, making it possible to filter based on a particular price range.

For instance, they grouped the prices:

  • Under $30
  • $30-$39.99
  • $40-$49.99
  • Over $50

geymy reviews from users

Excellent customer service and I did a great job with my customized design. Great price and get along with clients. I recommend him to those looking for a world-class tailor. -Johnson

When I received my order the leggings were made with cheap material, were way too big and did not look like the picture at all. I have been contacting them by e-mail for a return label to get a refund for the past 4 days and I haven’t gotten one response back from them and I only have 30 days to return for a full refund. There is no phone number on the website to contact anyone. This is so ridiculous and maddening to be ignored like this. These leggings are not cheap!!!! -Dawn

Scam. Buyer beware do not order. They won’t refund money if you don’t like clothes; they are cheaply made and don’t look like anything like what photos look. I am within 30-day refund guarantee and they are trying to offer me $20 for $300 worth of garments. Facebook should terminate their account and advertising. – John Michael Brack

The dress I bought is absolutely beautiful, and I want to support American-made products using recycled materials. That ticks lots of boxes for me. However, I paid $16.00 for a delivery that took over two weeks. The customer service department did handle my complaint well and I do believe they did the best they could. I don’t mind paying for the delivery charge but expect faster service. -Elsa M. Koency

Wow!!! I have Long COVID w/ vagus nerve problems, so wearing fitting clothes has gone out the window. I ordered this as soon as I saw it (but AFTER the semester had started), hoping it would arrive in time for a few fall classes. It’s already here, and EVERYONE complimented me on it when I wore it! Ordering more! -Andrea DiGiorgio

I bought a top and a dress, and while it did take a little while to ship, (as I don’t think they are made in the United States) sizing was spot on and material is nice. Overall, very satisfied considering some of the other reviews I read about sizing and quality. -Jennifer Thomas

Bought 3 dresses and they didn’t fit. Asked for a return label, and they offered me a $21 refund on a $135 purchase, and I could keep the dresses. Cheap materials and products come directly from China, not the USA, as advertised, which took at least 3 weeks to arrive. They won’t allow returns for sizing issues. Don’t believe their 5 star rating on their website – they are manipulating the numbers (which is easy to do) Horrible business – don’t waste your money!! -Kristen

FAQs About Geymy Reviews

Does Geymy have a Catalog?

They don’t have a catalog. Their website allows you to examine and order each of their styles.

Is your information secured on the website?

Yes, they use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the security of your data.

Where Can a customer see her size?

The size chart can be found directly above the size drop-down menu on the item’s page you view. Selecting the “size guide” buttons will cause the desired chart to appear.

Conclusion: Is geymy legit or scam?

Geymy provides a comprehensive and detailed review of various products, highlighting their benefits and prices. The platform offers valuable insights to consumers looking to make informed purchasing decisions.

Now, answering the question, Is Geymy legit or a scam? I won’t clearly say ‘definitely yes or no’ because of the different opinions and reviews its users have given.

Yes, the platform exists, and they have an affordable clothes array; I’m not 100% sure of the quality because I’m yet to make an order.

So, it’s okay if you want to give them a trial, but I advise you to do more research, especially in their customer service response, before making an order.



Disclaimer: This review is based on user experiences and factual information available at the time of writing. Prices and features may vary. Always check the app’s official website for the latest details.

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